Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got Some Cool Kids' Art? Can I See It?

It's a new feature I call: Drooly Dog To Go.

Part of the ever-ongoing Drooly Dog Drawing Project.

Got some cool kids' art? I'd love to see it, post it here, write about it. Appreciate it.

All I need is:
- Well, a JPG or something of the art attached. Of course.
- Artist's first name and age (no need for surnames, don't want to put kids' personal info up)
- A title, if it's got one
- Where you're from, if you care to share, you don't have to.

Send it to:

That's it. Obviously by sending it you're saying it's okay if I post/appreciate it here...

Here's why: A part of art for kids is seeing their work, their thoughts, their ideas. It's a two-way street. It's part of finding that boundary between your inner and outer worlds. Put something out there, get a response, repeat.

I love doing this, and I do it a lot in person, but I'd like the Drooly Dog to get out more. Say, beyond my space. Beyond even my state and country.

Thus, Drooly Dog To Go.

So, send me a drawing, a painting, whatever. I'd love to see it - and I bet other people would, too. But hey, I get to see it first!!

Realistic Oil Paintings by Rob Hefferan

Realistic Oil Paintings by Rob Hefferan
Artist: Rob Hefferan

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