Friday, January 28, 2011

Duck Cartoon: Second Opinion

This Just In: Distraction is a Business Model, TOO!

I just wrote about how Controversy is a business model -

Distraction is another nifty way of making money. Distract people from the downsides of whatever your selling. Or sell to them in a really bombarded environment where they can't think clearly and then push them in some direction. Electronics stores are a terrific example of this. Who can make a decision while standing in front of a wall of TVs all playing the same Eagles concert video?

Or better yet, catch them when they are just distracted/tired/confused enough that they will buy just to have the process over with.

This is how we sell to kids. We get the kids to kick up a rumpus about some random product, they don't even know what it is and it will make no difference in their life, and then just keep doing that until there is some result.

Often, the parent in this scenario is trying to do something else, like fish the credit card out of the wallet to pay for actual needed things, like food.

If the parent is fried enough, there's a pretty good chance they'll just say, "yeah, whatever..." to the great delight of the kid(s). It's a roll of the dice, but the thing is, the marketers are using us to roll them. By coming at us with these things when we are distracted.

Man, are we tools.

The Creative Beast doesn't like distraction. It's noisy, and thoughts don't fully take form. Connections don't get made. At least not on your terms. Maybe some marketing thing makes a connection for you between diet pills and bikini season or something. But that's not your connection. That's someone else's.

Your Creative Beast would really appreciate even a small amount of quiet. Maybe just count to ten in front of the mirror after you brush your teeth. You don't have to sign up for a week-long silent retreat to make a difference. I actually think having little islands of quiet throughout your day is terrific. Just turn off whatever media (what? you didn't even realize the radio was on?) and take a couple minutes.

Again, your Creative Beast will thank you. It's like giving it a nice pat on the head.

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