Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warrior Girl by Alejandro Germánico Benit

comic girl
Artist: Alejandro Germánico Benit

Top Kids Online Game

When choosing a game site for your child there are a few things you should consider.

Games should be able to be played online not downloaded. Sites with too many pop ups or ads can cause problems if your computer is not up to it, so look for sites where ads are not intrusive. Along the top you will find a menu filled with arcade games, learning games, clip art just for kids, coloring pages, puzzles, downloads and more. This site will appeal to kids thru grade six.

Nick jr has color pages, crafts and other activities as well as games and is geared to the 6 and younger crowd. Again the games on this site are both online and downloadable trials so be sure to look thru this site with your child before turning them loose. In addition to several genres of online games for all ages, this site also has a study zone filled with videos and links to sites around the internet offering your child help on their homework. Fun Brain: This site aims at being educational as well as fun. The site is colorful and busy, advertising is minimal and discreet. They offer games, word puzzles, coloring, and interactive polls and home work help. Funschool also has a new and free multiplayer online game called Minyanland that teaches kids about money. 

Here are the top fun kid websites which easily fall in the category of some of the best free kids online games sites available on the internet for little kids

British Council Site
This is another fun site which features a good collection of free kids online games, plenty of fun songs and funnier animation to go with the songs. Find songs for teaching kids their numbers, letters. There are plenty of activities on this site to help kids with their English learning.
The collection of activities and games for little kids is absolutely huge on this site. 

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