Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cartoon Best Friends Forever: Cow and Farmer

A cartoon image of a Cow and Farmer getting along swimmingly for this incredible opportunity to be on Best Friend Forever Gear as presented by Nopolymon Graphics. Mr. Farmer is content to be on the farm but Cow has aspirations of being a television news anchor on a major network and thought this would be a great opportunity to get some face recognition out in the marketplace. They graciously aloud us into their home and showed us their quaint little farm, of the hundreds of photos taken we thought this captured the essence of their friendship the best. Cow, as well as being perfectly photogenic, has an absolutely enchanting voice and graced us with her utterly incredible rendition of “Home on the Range”. We wish them the best and hope Cow finds her goal of television news anchor within reach soon as well as we hope you enjoy this photo of a couple of Mid-West Best Friends Forever.

Legs by Peter Driben

vintage pin up
Artist: Peter Driben

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