Friday, December 10, 2010

The Creative Beast Wins a Contest!!

Hooray, The Creative Beast's presentation "The Best Question in the World" won the "Creative/Offbeat" category in SlideShare's "World's Best Presentation" Contest! Thanks to everyone who voted for it!

You can cruise over and check it out on the winners' page here, and as soon as I can get it to embed I will do so!

Yay! Go Beast!

Michal Suchanek

Michal Suchanek - Illustrator, Digital Arts, Comic Style Arts
pin up cartoon girl

Michal Suchanek Michal Suchanek
Michal Suchanek digital art girl

More info and pics:

Wall Idea for Kids Room

The arrival of a baby is actually welcome to a lot of shopping. Yes, shopping! Everyone, who is going to welcome a baby in his house, needs to buy stuff for the kid. A nursery should be a place which should be the learning stage for a baby, before it enters into the hustle bustle of school life. There are other things like wall hangings that may be a very essential part of a nursery or a kid's room. With them, you may easily give life to the dead walls of the room.

There are many types of wall hangings and decor that may help in giving new essence to the kid's room.

While your little girl may have all the books, toys, movies etc, nothing can equal decorating her room with princess wall stickers, their fantasy friends.

Chandeliers, curtains, carpets and princess wall decals can give a very pretty look to the room.

Disney princess wall decals come in small and large sizes. You can impart an enchanting and mystical feel to your little girl's room by choosing princess wall stickers in her room. There are many princess themes which your daughter may consider while choosing princess decals for her bedroom wall. There are unicorns and carriages, Hello Kitty princesses, Tiaras and crowns, Palaces and castles, Gardens, Disney princesses, Barbie princesses and lots more. Even the princess growth chart decals and wall borders are available. Initially you need to decide about the wall colors for your little girl's room. Then the walls can be brought to life with the Disney Princess wall graphics.

Always make sure your daughter is by your side when decorating her room with the princess wall stickers.

Create a decorative room for your baby to bring the playful warmth of jungle animals, butterflies, and scenery with nursery wall decals especially made for baby. Fathead, Wall Candy Arts, Wall Pops and Celebrate Express all manufacture quality wall decals and appliqu├ęs that can provide brightness and liveliness to your babies' room. Many of the nursery packs available have multiple large images designed for you to create your own wall scenery. You can perhaps choose a sea theme, dinosaur theme, Disney theme or from many other larger than life sets.

You can do mix and match with nursery wall decals to create a dream room for your baby. Jungle themes are very popular at the moment with baby animals and bright colors. Nojo Jungle Babies Wall Decals are the most popular. Nursery wall decals and removable stickers also come in a range of the most amazing jungle creatures like gorillas, zebras, lions, elephants, and tigers. Create hang-vines down the walls of your baby bedroom or design a bushy umbrella like trees near the ceiling borders.

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