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Decorating Ideas for a Girl's Rooms

Are you decorating your girl's room and you need some great ideas? Here are ten great decorating ideas for a girl's room.

Just pick the favorite color that your girl loves and paint with it. Paint the walls in her favorite color. Be creative with your painting.

Use the fun print on the bedding to help you decide the color scheme for your little girl's room. Have fun with the bedding.

Use accents
Accent the paint with some decorative pillows.

Curtains and Blinds
The bedding and accents will already be enough color for the room.

A great modern look to a girl's room is to add vinyl or painted quotes to the walls. This adds so much character to a room and your girl will love it.

Table and Chairs
Having a reading corner is always a fun idea, and kids usually love a special place to read.

Bunk Beds and Lighting
The lighting in the room is very important in a child's room. Make sure the lights are well placed and oriented, illuminating the right corners of the room. Lighting always accents any room.

Make a Theme and Theme Ideas

You could make a beach or ocean room, a fish room, a jungle room, a princess room or anything else you can think of that your girl would like.

Whether it is the whimsical decor of their rooms or the adorable accessories they wear, such as tutus and butterfly wings, little girls just love to be little girls. While butterfly decor can evoke its own magical or fairy princess theme, it can also work well with a garden theme. Other items like flowers, dragonflies, bumblebees, and ladybug decorations can inspire a little girl's bedroom with color, charm and a feminine feel that little girls love.

In addition to room decor, butterfly wings, tutu skirts and fairy wands top many a little girl's list when it comes to desired dress up clothes. When a little girl puts on a butterfly costume, she doesn't simply become a butterfly. Imagination soars when children put on a pair of fairy or butterfly wings and a tutu, or wave a fairy wand.

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