Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Try This: Make a Story from Random Photos!

Today I pulled some random photos from my computer to see if I could make a story out of them. Here's what I came up with:

"Maybe I ought to go out today," she thought. "The sun is out, and it's been such a long time."

She pushed open the door and crept down the stairs...

People immediately freaked out and started waving their arms and snapping pictures.

"Did you see that?" said a rock. "Yeah," said a gull. "Crazy. She hasn't been out in years."

"Wow," said the blue jay. "I've got to go tell everyone. They'll never believe it!"

"Whatever," said the rocks. "We've seen it all. I mean really. Who cares?"

Okay, so it's pretty basic - but you get the idea. You could even crop parts out of your photos to use the bits you want. Can you make one? Maybe snap pictures with your phone on the way home and see what you get!

Funny Cartoon Christmas Cards: Privacy Please

A cartoon Holiday greeting card with a cartoon of a Snowman and a rabbit using the public facilities. The inside of the card simply reads: “Happy Holidays!”

Decorating Ideas for a Boy's Room

Decorating boys rooms is a good idea and this will certainly provide them with a new lease of life. Boys are curious in lots of ways and several are the days you've had to throw that frog out of the little boy's room. Other paintings can sometimes include bunnies and reptiles that the boys love and they will love spending more hours within their rooms. Photos of their favorite characters can also be utilized as a style for redecorating boys rooms.

Stuffed animals are timeless and it may be beneficial to have a number of stuffed animals in the room. Painting a play town on the rooms' wall can make them clearer. Utilizing names familiar with the boy's immediate environment is really a good idea too. The furnishings in the son's rooms should also bear the redecorating theme to produce harmony. Redecorating boys rooms will not be complete with no reserved corner where they can display their hobbies and interests.

Themes for Kids’ Rooms

Kids love having a room that is decorated just for them. Let's look at some great themes for kid's rooms.

Paint the walls a jungle green color and paint some trees. Use lots of different colors and paint a mural around the room of jungle animals. Create a room around one of those. Use his favorite colors or colors that are related to the type of machine that he loves.

If your child loves more than one color, use a couple different colors. Outdoor themes are great too. Girls love being outside too. Themes are important for kid's rooms. They help to bring together the room and really make the room your child's. They love having their own sanctuary and love feeling that the rooms is all theirs and that they helped to create it.

Themes Ideas for a Boy's Room

Boys adore reptiles and insects such as bees, frogs, grasshoppers, lizards and other creepy crawlers. Animals A design centered around a boy's favorite pet is a wonderful idea. Race Cars Zoom Zoom! Erect some small shelving to show off his toy race car collection. Troopers Armed forces decor is a classic choice for boys.

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