Monday, December 6, 2010

Pokémon Insect Collecting Cartoon

Pokémon Insect Collecting CartoonPokémon Insect Collecting Cartoon

Pokémon Anime TV SeriesPokémon Anime TV Series

Pokémon AdvancedPokémon Advanced

Circle Cartoon Face of A White Chicken Character

cartoon chicken

This is cartoon face of a chicken character
. Some simple circle are arranged into a cute cartoon face. Just needed some forms of a circle and a little color to create this chicken character.

By Cartoon Faces. Net

Art is Power II: Art is Speech.

I just posted about how Art is Power.

Art is also Speech. And in our society, freedom of speech is one of the cornerstones of how we live.

Kids who learn about the arts learn about speech, and its power. They learn how dealing with ideas out in the open, and keeping as many channels open as possible, make our society what it is. They also learn how someone with something to say, and the means to say it, can change the world.

When we fail to teach the arts, we leave off a part of their participation in our great experiment, and we neglect to show them the full impact of speech.

This is one of their fundamental rights, and it is one they should exercise with conscience, and with awareness of their own power to speak with paint or pixels or movement or music or whatever makes their voice go. And as they learn this, they will also learn to respect (and not to fear or be bullied by) the many voices around them.

Art is Power, Art is Speech.

TED Talk: Dan Phillips + Philosophy + Reclaimed Building Materials = Beautiful.

I just have to share this.

Dan Phillips builds houses out of reclaimed... everything. But what's really striking is the humanistic and philosophical underpinnings of what he does.

One of the best rationales for the rejection of mass-produced sameness I've ever seen.

Art is Power.

Never forget - every good dictator in history has gone to a lot of trouble to control, harness, or shut down the artists - the painters, the writers, the filmmmakers, the actors, the dancers - because they know that art is power.

When you teach a child about art, and when you enable that child to access his or her expressive abilities, you are transferring power to the younger generation. Art gives kids the power to bring their own voice to the conversation about who they are and how they think. It makes them more than a test score.

Art education is not some sort of nice-to-have. It is basic to what makes us human. It is how ancient civilizations have communicated their place in the universe. It is where we grapple with complex and world-changing ideas. It is a source of self-determination, self-reflection, and thought.

Art is power.

Alan Batson

Alan Batson - Illustrator
Alan Batson

Alan Batson

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