Friday, November 26, 2010

Dora Birthday Party

A Dora birthday party is perfect for a fun outdoor birthday with lots of games and activities. Nearly every little girl knows and loves Dora the Explorer. With a Dora party concentrate on the games, there are loads of outdoor games that can keep the children occupied.


Dressing up for a Dora birthday party is easy, short's t-shirt and a backpack is all your little girl will need.


Dora the Explorer is always going on adventures so why not create some adventures for your party guests.

Treasure Hunt

Some examples of clues are.

Musical Animals

A little like musical chairs. To prepare for this game you will need to get some pictures of jungle animals.

Why not try a Dora Party?

Below are the tips that you can follow in planning a perfect birthday party:

Take time to think about the party theme.

Including the concept of a Dora party in your planning can be a great idea. You can follow a concept of Dora’s adventure. Make it a costume party if possible.

It will make the children feel they are truly a part of Dora’s adventure if you can suggest it to the parents or guardians of your visitors if they can attend the party in their Dora or other Dora characters costumes. Conduct games depicting Dora the Explorer.

You can invent new birthday games that are patterned to the journeys of Dora. Choose prizes for the winners of the parlor games that are all about Dora.

Lastly, a Dora the Explorer party can be cultural and educational as well. Enjoy and be entertained in Dora’s party, with your very own little Dora, your daughter.

Cartoon Girl by Shane Glines

cartoon girl
Shane Glines - my favorite cartoon artist

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