Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dora Party Ideas

"Pin the Backpack on Dora" - Find a graphic of Dora online, enlarge it, and print it out. "Dora Bingo" - Make a Dora bingo using pictures, signs, and words from the series. Use Dora stickers or little figurines found at party stores.

"Find Swiper" - Swiper is the fox character on Dora. "Dora Hide and Seek" - Hide Dora themed items all around the party area, such as Spanish flashcards, pictures of the Dora characters, or Dora stickers. Dora Pinata - This traditional Mexican party activity is apt considering the theme.

Every little girl who loves Dora the Explorer would want to have a birthday made around Dora and her companions. Cake and Dishware: Of course you want CAKE! But, have it be a Dora Cake. There is the Dora plates available as well as the napkins. The theme is "Dora" so get some purple streamers, as well as blue or pink. Treats: Besides cake, there is always room for treats. Games: A few ideas to go along with the Dora theme. Dora is from Mexico and speaks Spanish. Because Dora teaches adventure as well as Spanish words, it is a birthday that can let the kids have fun as well as learn something productive for their future lives.

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