Monday, November 22, 2010

Pokemon the Movie gallery

The Pokemon anime series is based on the Pokemon video game series-which itself is part of the umbrella Pokemon franchise.

Editorial Cartoons: TSA Pat Down Privacy

I caught a little bit on the subject of the x-ray deals and the new pat down policy that the poor TSA folks are going to have to start doing and thought I would throw up something as ridiculous as the notion of a "new pat down" policy implies. Enjoy and have a great day.

Oh Pleeeeze --- Vote for the Beast!

Okay totally shameless plug here -- the Beast is just one spot from the front page of the "Creative/Offbeat" category in SlideShare's contest! With just one week to go in the judging!

I know I know, you have to register on SlideShare in order to vote - let's face it, contests are for gaining attention and customers and things. So, sorry about that.

But if you feel like sharing, or tweeting, or voting, the Beast thanks you. It so wants to get on that front page -- so close! Gaaaa!

I'm not losing yet by Jace Wallace (wakkawa)

drawing girl
Artist: Jace Wallace (wakkawa)

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