Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Kitty Gift

More than 30 years ago Sanrio created an animated cat and named it Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty symbol was an immediate hit and started selling at a fast pace. Come 1976 Hello Kitty moved to America with the first Sanrio store in the United States. Hello Kitty has a huge fan following across the world; several movies have been made that showcase the Hello Kitty and numerous books have been written highlighting the character. In the year 1990 a Hello Kitty themed park was opened in Japan and was named Sanrio Puroland. Hello Kitty was also named a junior ambassador to UNICEF recently. Across the globe, Hello Kitty has become one of the most popular trends for girls of all ages. Although firstly introduced as a character that was aimed at young girls, Hello Kitty has developed into a character that is loved by young girls, teenagers and women alike. From dashboard mats to air fresheners and even Hello Kitty emblems; any car can now be brightened up with a touch of pink and cuteness courtesy of Hello Kitty. Designed with the traditional Hello Kitty colors and made with high quality ABS material, Hello Kitty fans will benefit with an emblem which is stylishly designed and a great asset to any car. With a huge number of Hello Kitty items available on the market it comes as to no surprise that Hello Kitty fans everywhere can revel in car accessories also. So, for the ultimate gift for your known Hello Kitty fan, buy them a Hello Kitty emblem today and help them make their car cute, feminine and the perfect extension of their personality.

The Sanrio Hello Kitty collection is one of the most prevalent goodies among the kids. The Hello Kitty stuff makes great gifts too. Sanrio Hello Bags and Purses
Sanrio Hello Kitty Beauty Accessories

Sanrio Hello Kitty Jewellery

Hello Kitty Slippers and Tops

Hello Kitty Lifestyle Gifts

Hello Kitty lifestyle gifts are also good options to be gifted to both younger and older girls. Hello Kitty Toys

The Hello Kitty dolls are not the perfect model dolls with great figure and heavy make up, they are just the cute kitty clad in beautiful dresses. Hello Kitty Cards

Hello Kitty Cards are fascinating, inexpensive yet priceless reward. The Hello Kitty greeting cards are the best way to wish a little girl.

Dora Games

Kids are internet savvy these days and they find interest in online games. Dora games and Diego games are capable of satisfying the young mind with untainted excitement and interesting fun stories. Girl children find pleasure in Dora games compared to other type of games. Examples of Dora games are sufficient to describe the attractiveness of the character. Dora the Explorer and jigsaw puzzle game is another great game, which kids favor like the adventure game Dora's Space Adventure. Swiper's spelling book game is learning to spell along with Dora and Swiper. Parents must watch the children playing Dora games and Diego games and should support them with needful guidance from time to time.

Dora games are preferred by kids especially the pre-school players as these games have a nice and interesting way of interaction with the pre-school age group players. Dora games are now available in a number of languages. For children who are little older and are well versed with the alphabets can play memory games and spelling games.

Dora also features in adventurous games like Dora's treasure hunt and Dora's forester games add more adventure to the games and these are more liked and preferred by children who belong to the kindergarten category. All in all these games make sure that the child learns while playing the games.

Cartoon Holiday Cards: Snow Zombies

A cartoon holiday card featuring a cartoon of Snow Zombies scaring the bejesus out of a kid in his house. The inside of this card can be customized with your own holiday message.

Aphrodite color by Simon Eckert

pin up cartoon girls
Artist: Simon Eckert

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