Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daniel Cayuela

Daniel Cayuela - Spanish Illustrator. Modern Pin Up and Photorealistic Arts
modern pin up

Daniel Cayuela Daniel Cayuela

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Basic Dragon Animation-Humorzone Cards Dragon

I was goofing around with basic animation this morning and decided to give my Humorzone Cards Dragon logo a little upgrade using Photoshops animation feature. I found that this animation feature comes in handy for simple animations for things like logos and Banner ads. I added a couple of examples of the former mentioned below.

This is and example of how using basic animation can give your banner ads a little something extra in order to grab some attention. I think it is possible to over do the animations and something like this seems to be somewhere between just enough and too much at least in my opinion. I guess time will tell but so far traffic has gone up on this site although conversions remain the same. Like I said prior, time will tell.

This is an example of a sort of full page ad I have been using. I thought I would just use the animation to give life to some of the text rather than the dragon logo. Again....we will see how it works out but so far so good.

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