Monday, October 18, 2010

Art: A Test Drive for Being You

I'm listening right now to an interview by Annie Fox with Ronit Baras about enabling young people to make gradually more sophisticated choices for themselves.

I can't help thinking that giving kids creative space from a young age, and the opportunity to try out their most random ideas with no constraints but within a safe environment of creative media, directly addresses the issues they are raising.

It's as if art, and creativity, are taking yourself for a test drive. Creating your own space, where you can explore what you want. Having this means learning to have it and respect it - and trust it. Building up the structure, knowing how to give that to yourself. Like a storm cellar for when emotions and inputs get overwhelming.

A child who knows how to make space for his or her creativity can also make space for his or her identity. That's an important test drive, and something we can give kids from a young age simply by giving them the time and space to do it.

When Did Your Creative Beast get Quiet?

When kids are small, they are output devices. They create spontaneously, and they want to share. They make sound effects. They tell stories.

But all too often, something happens.

Maybe a comment is made and a child gets the idea that she is not "good" at art.

Or, maybe early teen self-consciousness sets in and creating things feels like risking ridicule.

When these things happen, often the pencil gets put down. Or the trombone, or the paints, or the camera. The Creative Beast crawls under the bed, and maybe isn't seen again for a long, long time.

Has this happened to you? How old were you? Was there a specific moment that you remember when things changed? How did it feel?

I am fascinated by this experience, and how it affects our relationship to our Creative Beast early in our life. I'd love to hear your stories.

Cute Lion Cartoon Face from Jungle

cartoon lion

This cartoon face is about a cute king in the jungle.It has a long hair with a cute face.

No dogs by Daniela Uhlig

Daniela Uhlig
Artist: Daniela Uhlig

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