Monday, September 20, 2010

Finite Thinking is Bad for You.

Do you think of happiness and prosperity as finite things? Do you feel like there is only so much prosperity to be had and you'd better get your share? Here's a sketch to show a choice you can make in your thinking - of course, if you see happiness or prosperity or Good Things in General as these finite things, you're going to get a pit in your stomach every time someone else appears to have something you don't. In a finite world, they essentially took it away from you, didn't they? Otherwise YOU would have it, and THEY wouldn't.

But what if you can just go make more happiness, more prosperity, all on your own? What if your happiness isn't part of one big finite pie, and you can just go bake more pie whenever you want? Then your happiness is a unique journey that only you can take, and no one else can take it away from you.

Funny Cartoon Birthday Card: Hard Body

A funny birthday card with a cartoon of a older guy with an ample amount of self confidence at the beach with the message
“Hope your living out loud, Happy Birthday” on the inside.

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