Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cartoon Art: Fish in a Barrel

Legends of Pin Up: Edward Runci

Edward Runci is an outstanding but unfortunately little-known or talked-about master of pin-ups in oil. His luxuriant brush strokes reveal a talent and skill comparable to Elvgren, though Runci apparently is not a graduate of the Sundblom shop.
vintage pin up

pin up pin up art
vintage pin up Edward Runci pin up
vintage pin up girl Edward Runci
Edward Runci Edward Runci pin up

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An exercise in Product Development: Turtle Mean On Cartoon

The other day I did some sketching off the top of my head “so to speak” and came up with a lot of interesting things which was cool since my little idea factory “my Abdul-Oblongata” was in a semi stall racing towards the earth at a rather alarming rate. This “off the top of my head” sketching was fun and also cleared out some of the cobwebs which was cool.

I thought I would post the process of product and cartoon development from start to finish as I went through it, meaning, from sketch to cartoon idea to an array of product ideas.

This is the original sketch I did the other day.

From that I thought about possible ideas for a cartoon idea and settled on this one which turned out ok….while it’s not the funniest thing in the world, I was pleased with the way it turned out visually.

From the cartoon stage it was a pretty easy transition to the product stage on this cartoon. It actually works better as a motivation type cartoon than it does a humor cartoon. I applied it to the following types of products:

Coffee Mug
Funny Coffee Mug: Turtle Mean On mug
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Funny T-Shirt

Funny T-shirt: Turtle Mean On shirt

Funny Mouse Pad
Funny Mouse Pad: Turtle Mean On mousepad

Funny Greeting Card
Funny Greeting Card: Turtle Mean On card
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There it is….from sketch to cartoon to product.

Anyone who likes to draw, paint, take photos or many other hobbies that result in some form of art can turn that hobby into something that makes then a little money from time to time. Will you get rich? The odds are against it but a few extra bucks a year or a month from something that you enjoy doing already just makes sense to me.

If the idea interests you, do a little research to find the different ways to get your work out there on the web. There are quite a few options. I personally use for the ease of use and Global exposure. I currently have two different galleries on ( and which I do different types of things and are free. The reason it is free is that Zazzle does all the back of office stuff and I supply ideas to put on different products which I am paid a royalty for. The royalty percentage can be adjusted from 10% to 99% by me. It works for me at this point and like I stated earlier, some research should be done because there are other sites out there that offer similar services. One I can think of off the top of my head is CafĂ© Press. Check it out….it is fun when something you have produced from a hobby actually sells.

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