Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lauren Montgomery

Lauren Montgomery - Anime Style Girls
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Lauren Montgomery Anime Girl

Lauren Montgomery Lauren Montgomery
Lauren Montgomery girls
Lauren Montgomery

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2,000 Cartoons Can't Be Wrong.

So, there are lots of ways to be a cartoonist, lots of ways to be an illustrator, lots of ways to be an animator.

I've been fortunate to publish drawings in lots and lots of forms - basically anything that could be printed on. I've even got a cartoon traveling around in an exhibit by the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory on black holes.

Lately my work has been taking on a longer form - more animation, more storytelling. This is my dream, so I'm thrilled. Every day.

What doesn't make much of a business model these days is, cartoon features.

Oh, there are tons of them, online and off - but in terms of supporting yourself, putting out cartoons every day - or two, or three, or seven - well, unless you're building a huge storyline or publishing in comic books, it's not the biggest bang for the pen line.

So, if you're a regular reader of Brainwaves, you may notice that I've been publishing some archival material. I left the dates on there - no need to pretend these drawings are from this week or something - and here's my philosophy on doing that:

I've got an archive of over 2,000 cartoons, which I have been building since the early 90's (the drawing above is an example). I'm very proud of a lot of them, but many only saw the light of day for oh, say, a nanosecond.

So, I'm bringing a lot of them back, walking back through the archive and publishing them. I feel I owe it to them. Just because I'm working on longer-form projects doesn't mean this giant pile of cartoons doesn't deserve to be seen.

So I hope you understand, and I also hope that you enjoy these cartoons. Like I said, many of them only had a moment in the sun, and they deserve more.

I will also continue to upload work to They are terrific, and I want to put as much on there as I possibly can. I love licensing cartoons out, giving them their own little life.

And, I've sent an enormous pile of work to the Funny Times as well. So they've got many, many cartoons to choose from.

So while I may not be drawing single panels on a daily basis any more, there are over 2,000 little drawings out there that would love another curtain call. So please, enjoy them.

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