Monday, June 28, 2010

Funny Cartoon Birthday Card: Alley Cat

Power Girl by Gunt

power girl
Artist: Gunt

Take it Outside! Drawing in Nature

There's something about drawing outside that just opens up lots of ideas.

Dragons attack castles,

Giant cows take over the city,

Other interesting creatures take shape.

Drawing outside is one of life's great joys. Let me say though, that I highly recommend white boards for this activity. Because that way, if a breeze comes up you don't spend the whole time chasing your drawings around. And, let's face it, it saves some trees. So if you're sitting amongst the trees, I'm sure they appreciate it too.

Last week I got to hang outside with some students and just draw whatever we felt like. It wasn't too hot, the park was beautiful, and everybody just drew and drew.

So, try going outside! It really does give you - and your drawings - room to breathe. And if you don't have a white board, you can use a sketchbook - those are fairly immune to blowing away also.

(Oh, and as an added bonus, in the cow picture above - on the right side of the photo, yes that is a bit of a kid wearing his lunch bag on his head.)

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