Monday, June 14, 2010

Digital drawing - graduation

Editorial Cartoon: Bubbles

New Free Coloring Page: World Cup!

The jerseys and banner are blank, so you can color in with your favorite team! Click the image to view and print...
So enjoy.... ole, ole ole ole!!!

Gennadiy Koufay

Gennadiy Koufay - Illustrator, Photorealistic Arts
Photorealistic Arts
Gennadiy Koufay art Gennadiy Koufay
Gennadiy Koufay art Gennadiy Koufay

More info and pics:

Gennadiy Koufay's Art Book:

Gennadiy Koufay Art Book

Cute Cartoon Expression About Love


There are many cartoon expressions about love. In this cartoon picture, the cute character said that it is best to keep away the love.
Love expressions are cute themes on cartoons.

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