Saturday, June 12, 2010

Editorial Cartoon: Leadership for Dummies

Cartoon Drawing: Nuttin but Neck

Rafael Gallur

Rafael Gallur - Mexican Comic Artist, Traditional Drawings
Rafael Gallur mexican comic
Rafael Gallur began his career assisting Zótico Fonseca and Carlos Mabridis and published his first work in newspaper La Prensa. Gallur eventually left the illustrations of comics to focus on cover paintings, among others for Sensacionales de Lucha, Vaqueros and Maestros under the pseudonym Garr. He later returned to interior art with stories for Arena, and inking jobs for DC and the Star Trek mini-series. Gallur is an illustrator for the Ghetto Librettos (small Mexican pulp comic books full of sex and violence)

Rafael Gallur Rafael Gallur art
Rafael Gallur Rafael Gallur
Rafael Gallur art

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