Monday, May 24, 2010

Kids Drawing: And then the confused squid said...

Some of the best drawings happen when you just keep adding another thing, and another thing, and another - in this case, I was giving kids cards with words on them, and they were combining the words and drawing the result. There's something really appealing about all these little drawings arranged together. And you have to love the submarine and the flying cow.

In this second one, it all came together into this huge story that started with a confused squid and went from there. Pretty soon the space shuttle and a turtle were involved. Everybody had something to say. And as I read it, the artist laughed uncontrollably.

We think we have to have a plan in mind to make art, like we have to know what we are going to draw before we draw it. We are so obsessed with results - test scores, trophies, fancy cars... But the great thing about these is, they just happened. They are so much cooler than if the kids had tried to plan it in advance. In one case, she just kept adding more drawings, and in the other, he created a story that involved everything. Both of them are wonderful to look at.

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