Friday, May 14, 2010

Line Mazes: A Long Long Distance on One Page

Yesterday at the afterschool center, line mazes were all the rage. Here's how they work: I draw a picture, using only one line. The kids' job is to find the beginning and the end.

They look like this:

The kids take their finger and they trace the WHOLE THING. This is a feat of focus and endurance. They get lost. They go backwards. But they are determined.

AND, while they are doing this, they are drawing. Because they're going over all the lines! It's this really cool movement that they are doing.

You don't necessarily have to draw objects like trees and cats and dogs in there, you can just make one huge squiggly line. Making the line is fun, too. Then you can give it to someone and see if they can find the ends.

This project kind of invented itself - I made a one-line drawing one day, to see if I could do it, and one girl decided she would find the ends. The next week, she wanted another one. This week she wanted yet aother one, plus now there was a line of kids requesting them. So it's catching on, based on one student's idea. What a cool thing.

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