Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Government Cartoon: Calorie Camera

I had the idea for this big government cartoon after I heard about some state or city…..I think it was New York but not certain……talking about regulating table salt. That combined with the recent passage of the Health Care Bill made me think of a couple of things. It is my opinion that government will never be efficient because there really has never been any type of catalyst to require them to be efficient. If fact I would say that they are designed to be the exact opposite. The departments are given a budget based on political winds and if they don’t spend that budget in some manner they generally get less the next year so in order to look competent in this atmosphere a department needs to make sure that budget is spent in order to get that budget the next year and depending on the political winds possibly more. My point is this….Health care is important but given the inefficiency of the government system and the natural course of bloating that happens I can see this big government cartoon happening over time for nothing else than the need to spend a budget. Enjoy and have a great day.

Cartoon Character by Betteo

Cartoon Character
betteo on deviantART

Art Project: Folding World!

I got hold of some heavier paper yesterday - so we folded ourselves a little world.

In this one, we popped out two chairs, and then cut out a door. Also note the standup person and cat.

This one has a bed. And the little girl figure comes off too, so she can walk around.

This one has a sofa! And, apparently the decor celebrates April Fool's Day. Love the mat on the floor.

Finally we were messing around and turned this one sideways, and it looked to us like a face. So we added some features:

Drawing doesn't have to be flat! So try folding yourself a little world. If we'd had more time I would have tried to make a staircase or a two-story house. Maybe next time...

Smooth Criminal by Anthony Guerra

Pin Up by Anthony Guerra
New art by Anthony Guerra

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