Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How the #@*$ Do You Draw Hands, Anyway?

Hands. They are the bane of all who try to draw them.

They seem simple, they are basically a thing with fingers sticking out. And a thumb.

This can't be that hard, can it?

Well then why do we struggle so with drawing hands? I've seen so many people draw whole figures and then get to the hands and either:
- Draw these tiny tiny out-of-proportion hands because they get all focused in on them
- Leave them off entirely, creating somewhat of a horror-movie effect
- Draw a flat hand where it doesn't fit, because darnit there's a hand. There.

Well, here's how do draw hands: Don't draw a hand.

Don't draw a hand at all. Seriously.

Okay, so then what ARE you supposed to draw?

You draw whatever that shape is that seems to be located at the end of your figure's arm. Just don't call it a hand.

Here's a hand:
That is not a thing with fingers sticking out.

Here's another hand:

Wow, that one's weird. That's someone holding up a book. Doesn't even have all the fingers.

See what I mean? Hands don't look like hands.

So try this: The next time you want to draw a hand, banish the word "hand" from your mind and simply follow the shapes around. I guarantee you'll get something far more hand-like than you expect.

Try just following the outline around the outside, for example. And no saying "fingers," either. You have to lose the thing-ness of what you are drawing to really get to what it looks like.

So, don't draw a hand. Or fingers. Just shapes and lines. See how it goes! And enjoy.

School Budget Cuts? Time to Draw Nothing.

If you're like me and have kids in public schools, or know people who do, you know this is a really fun time of year.

It's the time of year when we learn just how much has to get chopped out of your school's budget for the next year. And even the year after that.

This has gotten to be a pattern.

What should you do about it?

Draw with your kids. That's right. Why?

Because never before has it been so important to:
1. Foster our children's creativity
2. Show kids how experimentation and mistakes are a good thing
3. Laugh
4. Encourage visual literacy
5. Spend time watching our kids use their brain cells in new ways
6. Fill the gaps in our schools' curriculum
7. Laugh some more.

So, here is a FREE e-book for you. It is called "How to Draw Nothing." I would love for you to have it. Click on the link, and view the PDF or Download it to your computer.

I would love for you to distribute it far and wide. Share it with your friends and family.

It's all about how to draw in a completely non-threatening way, that lets you enjoy making marks either alone or with others.

I only ask this:
If you like this e-book, SUBSCRIBE to my blog with your email address. Because there will be more like it coming your way. You'll get new Drawing Adventures and the early 411 on my cartooning and graphic novel work, too.
And, please GIVE IT TO YOUR FRIENDS. And tell them to sign up too. Because you'll all be supporting Drawing Adventures for everybody.

And that's never been more important than now.

Thank you!

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