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Cartoon :- Aman Ki Asha from Pune with LOVE :-)

Cartoon Face Image of A Man that Swim on The River


A river cartoon is usually imagination picture of a natural watercourse with freshwater, flowing toward a sea, an ocean or another river.
There are many cartoon faces that show about people that swim on the river. This image is one of them.

The Lost Queen - Chapter 1 is Now Done!

Here we go folks,

I'm going to be releasing my graphic novel, "The Lost Queen," in PDF format one chapter at a time... and the first one is free!

In honor of this fact, I've made the queen her own website. If you want me to send you a free copy of the first chapter, sign up there...

This is going to be great fun. The story has gotten so interesting... and I'm really enjoying drawing it. I hope you like it too! The enthusiasm for just the artwork has been great, so I hope adding some narrative makes it even better.... enjoy!

Dora and Friends

Dora appeared on the Nickelodeon cable television network that began in 1999. Dora loved her family, Boots, the monkey and he likes to play sports. Dora speaks Spanish fluently and he also taught Spanish to the kids watching.
Dora's a lot of friends; among them are some of the following:

  • Boots the monkey that he found in the woods and loves Dora Boots. Boots so named because the red boots and go with Dora on almost all of his adventures and help Dora find your way around.
  • Swiper is a fox with a mask and blue gloves. He is so called because he swipes (steal) all the things that help Dora on her adventure a more difficult task. Swiper is as sly as a fox but he was not too smart to Dora's adventures.
  • Map specialists provide guidance to Dora on an adventure.
  • Backpack is a magical purple and provide items to help Dora reach its exploration goals.
  • Isa is the Iguana and has a job as a gardener and grows flowers.

Dora did not spend much time in the room when he was an outsider, but when he was in the house he was very much a family man. As the title of the TV series kids will love the Dora explore and always wanted him to see the audience to help him explore. He has a very good nature and sees the good in everything around her. Dora has a very good and positive effect on children through its exploration adventure.

Portrait caricature for gift - my friend Mandor

Leon Ryan

Leon Ryan - Illustrator
pin up cartoon girl
pin up cartoon girls pin up cartoon girls
Leon Ryan art Leon Ryan
pin up cartoon girls pin up cartoon girl
Leon Ryan
Leon Ryan art
Leon Ryan

More info and pics:

Everything I Needed to Know About Kids I Learned by Drawing With Them

.... okay, not everything. I'm as clueless a parent as everyone else out there.

However, there is certainly a lot to learn by watching a kid with a pencil and a piece of paper.

A couple of years ago, the four first-grade classes at my kids' school did a mural on the lifecycle of a trout.

I drew it like a big coloring book, divided it in four sections, and then let the kids have at it.

There were amazing differences in, well, everything.

Some kids took all the crayons in a bunch in their fist, and colored with them all at once in big swirls.

Some kids drew in additional creatures or plants.

One kid took each crayon out of the box in order, made a single line with each one, put the crayons back in the box, and declared herself finished.

Can you see how amazing this is?

I learned so much about how these kids organized themselves. Some of them crawled around on the paper, some kept to the corners. Some asked permission to color things, others had to be restrained in order to not obliterate someone else's work.

This did not just give me insights into their personalities, it told me about how these kids think. Some were much more structural, some were into texture, some were into line. Some just liked the feel of the crayons.

This is what we are dealing with when we educate kids. They come in with their own ways of making sense of the world, and our job as grownups is to help them make the most of them and offer them ways to grow.

These differences reveal a lot about each kid's unique strengths. I've seen a kid who can't seem to focus, unless he's building an articulated model out of K-nex. I've seen a kid who doesn't say much unless he's got a pencil, and then a world comes pouring out.

Drawing is one way that you can very quickly get a lot of insight.

Try it with yourself. Take a piece of pencil and a paper. Where do you start? Do you plunk something in the middle? Do you start over on the side? Do you draw big or small? Do you make lines that are very fine or dark or both?

Then, try this with a nearby kid. I promise you'll feel like you know him or her better afterward.

Cartoon :- Simplest way to nab a terrorist...

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