Friday, February 12, 2010

The Latest Drawing Adventures

Thought of the Moment: Art is the Power to Speak a Truth.

Snowed In? 5 Cool Drawing Games
All you need is pencils and paper...

Very cool project we did at the afterschool center this week.

Maybe your brain needs a literal jump-start.

Got a Dilemma? Try role playing...

Teaching Kids: Brainstorming Successfully

And now, a cartoon for your face:

Snowed In? 5 Cool Drawing Games

Staying put can be a lot of fun, if you've got some paper and pencils around.

Here are 5 cool drawing games you can play, they are for all ages of people and are for 2 players and up. All induce silliness, so be forewarned.

1. Drawing Jam A: Everyone works on one piece of paper. The first person makes a big shape. Then the next person adds something, then the next, then the next... pretty soon you've got something no one planned on. Perhaps an alien potato or a skateboarding rhino. Who knows.

2. Drawing Jam B: In this one, everyone gets their own piece of paper. Instead of having one drawing, each person puts down a shape and then hands it to their left or right. Next everyone adds eyeballs, then passes again. Next add a nose, then pass. Next a mouth, then arms, legs, fashion accessories, hair, etc. Finish up by adding some scenery. Everyone gets their original paper back -- it's a good idea to put your name on there to start since what you get back will not be recognizable...

3. Trading Cards: In this game, you can use cut up paper or index cards. Everyone draws an assortment of heads, bodies, and legs/feet on different cards. Then, you trade cards and construct your own original creatures. You get fabulous things like a dinosaur ballerina or a hippo on a skateboard.

4. What's Not There: For this one, each person draws a thing like an object, or a tree, or a creature, or a lollipop. Then the next person adds something else - maybe a monster in the background, or a huge flower, or a window, anything. Then it goes back to its owner. It's the most fun if you can't see what the other person is drawing.

5. What's Next: For this one, fold a piece of paper in quarters to create four "frames." Now, the first person draws something happening in the first frame -- maybe a stick figure walking down the street. The next person draws the second frame, and so on. This one is best for grownups and older kids. For the littler ones, you can draw a stick figure in four different poses and then have the child add scenery to "fill in" what is happening.

** Cool Tip: If you want to add speech bubbles to any of your drawings (and who doesn't), write out the words FIRST and then draw the bubble around them. That way the words will always fit! Cool eh? Cool.

***Other Cool Tip: The idea here is for there to be no pressure. Don't try to do anything perfect, just add a little something and see where it goes.

Cartoon :- Protest against my film...pleaseeeee

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