Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Cartoon: CSI Piñata

I was working on different birthday card ideas and thinking of the different things that happen as a result of birthdays. There is the getting older thing that everyone is reminded of around birthdays and the parties that happen as a result. I started to think about the games that people play during birthday celebrations and started thinking about piñatas. I had the T.V. on while goofing around with words and sketching ideas and the show CSI came on, the original one, which is my favorite one. It occurred to me that the act of smacking a paper donkey, or whatever a piñata happens to be, is a little violent in nature. The word “violent” led to criminal act and that was it. If a criminal violent act had taken place you would have to have the CSI crew there to help figure out the why, when and how of the event. That is basically how this piñata birthday cartoon came to life. Enjoy and have a great day.

Birthday Card

Impressive Education from Dora and Diago

Are you offended that your children may not learn something from watching television particularly every after school? Are you worried that your kids will probably see a show that is not advisable for them to watch?
Well, now is not the time to be worried anymore. Mommies do not have to worry every time their kids need to watch television.
You want to know why? That's because Dora the Explorer has been sweeping the world of children quiet.

Dora the Explorer is a popular cartoon show which can be seen regularly on Nickelodeon. This feature story about a young Spanish girl named Dora Marquez. Dora, although she was young was like to navigate to a variety of adventure quests.
This event was intended for younger viewers, especially those 6-10 years of age. However, children ages 4-5 have enjoyed watching this cute young star displays.

The event also featured prominent figures such stories other than monkey very important in the life of Dora - Boots. Name Boots, actually comes from the red boots who always liked to wear.
Another fun filled character in the show is the name of the fox Swiper. Swiper tries to steal things from Dora and Boots. Actual mission is to destroy the successful Dora adventure.
Other characters from the show Dora the Explorer will be parents, Papi and Mami, this grandmother. Characters know how to speak and understand English and Spanish as well.

And finally, one of the coolest characters in this show is Dora's cousin Diego. Diego was small children who help their parents in saving animals out of danger. He was so clever that he can copy the sounds of animals and get a chance to speak with a wild beast. You can always depend on Diego to jump, run and swing in saving animals that are in big trouble.
He also accompanies Dora in all his adventures. Diego became very famous. He even has his own cartoon show called, Go Diego, Go. Diego has always been a good partner to Dora.
Not only that, both Dora and Diego will teach your children to speak basic Spanish, Spanish song, recognize different music and learn the basics of mathematics. It seems hard to believe but it's true. Some parents even encourage their children to watch this wonderful show Dora and Diego.

The event was broadcast in some parts of the world including the United States, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, Philippines, and Indonesia. This event has also been translated into various languages to best suit the needs of young individuals.
Just imagine the impact of Dora and Diego has a majority of the children. And as a parent would not be too much if you liked this character the way your children do to them.

The Power of Acting It Out

Got a dilemma? Try role playing.

This morning we were working on the new brochures and stuff for the local community theatre.

One thing that came up was, the donation envelope.

What should it say on it? Should it have levels of sponsorship and check boxes? Should it have a blank line where you fill in your own amount?

When faced with this sort of question, the best thing to do is to literally put yourself in the role of the person you imagine will try to fill the thing out and go through the process.

Even if you are not a theatre and don't have actors around.

I'll use this issue as an example. First of all, let's pretend that I'm a local resident and I just got this brochure and envelope from the local community theatre in my mail box.

I bring it into my kitchen, and open it. Pretty pictures, something about a 2010-2011 season, something about education programs... and some sort of form.

Now... this is where it gets interesting. Because, whatever is on the form isn't going to change. The letters won't rearrange based on the reader's reaction. It's a one-way conversation.

So, pretending you are that person standing in the kitchen, what would YOU want on the brochure?

Well, here's what you DON'T want:
- Requests for gigantic donations you can't afford
- Lots of tiny text you're not going to read (especially since you may just plunk this on the counter for a couple of days before you get around to it)
- Guilt
- A confusing form that you're not going to fill out

Now we can say something about what you DO want to see:
- Choices that make sense
- A feeling that I am in control of what support I give - or don't
- Someone to talk to if I have questions
- Somewhere to get more information
- A sense that if I do donate, I'm contributing to something really terrific and that I will be proud

See? Now it's a lot clearer what to put on the form. A free-form amount lets people choose what to give. Copy that conveys gratitude and benefits provides a sense of purpose. Information and people give me the option to find out more.

So the form isn't just a thumbs-up, thumbs-down proposition. It's the start of a conversation that you hope will continue.

Next time you're faced with a question about your site, or your printed matter, or even a presentation you might make, try play-acting being a member of your audience. It will help you get better clarity in a hurry. You can even recruit friends or family members to help out, for added drama. Even if you're not at the community theatre.

Wolfman Cartoon: Coffee Now

I had the idea for this wolfman cartoon character while watching the trailer for the new wolfman movie due out soon. I was thinking that wolfman must be a cranky sort after going through all that painful looking change they go through. The I thought it must be a little like someone who has not had there daily fix of caffeine. Well sort of like that I mean. Enjoy the wolfman cartoon and have a great day.

Werewolf Coffee Mug

Wolfman Coffee Mug

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