Friday, February 5, 2010

Coaching Sanctuary - I Believe in You!

I am thrilled to be creating illustrations and cartoons for Coaching Sanctuary, a life coaching site that helps women over 40 examine their goals and make progress toward their dreams. Bettina Jetter, the creator of the project, and Wendy Wallbridge, the coach who is providing the content, are wonderful women with fascinating backgrounds. You can learn more about them, and the project on the Coaching Sanctuary site, here.

Humor has special un-sticking qualities for people's brains. I am pretty sure that the face muscles required to smile are somehow connected to the inside of your head in such a way that if you can smile about a situation, your thoughts can travel around better. I love helping that un-sticking to happen. It's my contribution to the mental health of the world, I guess.

I'm also loving this project because I get to read through and contemplate Wendy's writings and ideas and this is very therapeutic. It's kind of like a life coaching backstage pass. I feel so cool.

So if you or anyone you know would benefit from Coaching Sanctuary, send them on over! It's really cool. And I hear it has good illustrations.

Valentine's. Not just for humans.

Whatever you may think of Valentine's day, it's always fun to think what various animals would give each other as gifts - in California where I live, if you go to a park you see signs warning not to leave items in your car - because bears will just peel it open like a can-opener and help themselves. Anyway, that was the inspiration for this drawing, which you can get on a card for your own favorite animal if you like.

This Cartoon kind of hit a nerve.

I saw this one getting forwarded around a fair amount on Wednesday.

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