Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old Man Cartoon: Stop Staring

This old man cartoon came as a result of watching football playoffs last week. I was watching one of the games and my youngest son came in and sat down for a little while and a couple of sets of commercials had run when he asked me why al the commercials were either about Trucks, Fast Food, Beer or Male Enhancement Products. I never really pay that much attention to commercials during the breaks but obviously it is because of the target market. That’s what I told him anyway. I was laughing on the inside because I was just thankful that he didn’t ask me what Male Enhancement Products are. He got up and walked off and the next commercial was for Male Enhancement stuff. It was then that the basic idea for this cartoon popped into my head. With as much advertising focus on that issue you would think it was some type of epidemic or something. Then I thought people using this type of drug must be so grateful for this amazing discovery. Anyway, that’s the back story on this old man cartoon. Enjoy and have a great day.

Have you fed the couch?

I saw a bit of a PBS nature special today - it had something to do with eagles, I think. I just caught a bit on my way through stumbling over Legos and figuring out what I did with my glasses. But this cartoon came to mind.

Mickey Mouse Toaster

mickey mouse toaster
What a great toaster today? We think Mickey Mouse Toaster is the great toaster. Well, now everyone can enjoy cartoon world every time that everyone eats breakfast with a Mickey Mouse toaster.
Was there any other cartoon face that people loved more than Mickey Mouse when they were growing up? Is there any other cartoon character that many children today love more than Mickey Mouse? Of course not, until today we all love Mickey Mouse. If people are looking to purchase Mickey Mouse related gifts or presents, Mickey Mouse related items offer some great value for variation and a timeless value that can be enjoyed by the old and young alike.
Most people love the Mickey Mouse toaster and so will you once your buy your own Mickey Mouse toaster. Today, regular toast will never be acceptable again. Many kids will absolutely love it, too. It is the funny cartoon face on toaster.
Still not fun today? Well, people can buy a Mickey Mouse toaster and have a lot of fun making Mickey Mouse toast. Now, that sounds fun! The Mickey Mouse toaster is one of those great things that can light up a kid’s face as soon as they see it. The Mickey Mouse toaster make wonderful Christmas gifts or birthday presents for children who are fans of that adorable little vermin. The exterior of the Mickey Mouse Toaster is stainless steel for easy cleaning and suitable with drawing cartoon faces. This toaster also has cancel and defrost buttons.
The Mickey Mouse toaster also plays a little music when the toast is done. It is a unique toaster that is entertaining and fun. Have a happier morning with the Mickey Mouse Toaster. Your toast will never be the same again.

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