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Cartoons About Animals

You can sometimes make a point better with animal characters than you can with humans.

Often I license cartoons to people who are making a point in print or in a presentation that might be kind of sensitive, or they want to use animals to help people see the humor in a situation that might not otherwise be so funny.

Consider using humor to make your point. It keeps people's ears open.

NOTE: These cartoons are copyrighted, and are samples - there are many more where they came from (over 2,000, actually). If you'd like to use a cartoon, or see more, you can contact me directly or check out the big ol' archive on CartoonStock.com.

Cartoons About Business

When I was spinning through the Internet Boom and Bust in the 1990s, cartooning was my "shadow career." It was a repository for all of my observations and angst. These days, I license them out to people to use in their books, presentations, and websites - I suspect often for the same purpose. Some samples are below.

NOTE: These are all copyrighted, and there are TONS more where they came from (over 2,000 to date). If you're interested in using a cartoon, you can contact me directly or you can also get my cartoons on CartoonStock.com (those guys are great.)

Visualising Complicated Decisions

Nonprofits are always hungry for ways to generate interest and funds. This often results in many well-intentioned ideas that may not pan out to actually be profitable. This drawing helps me clarify how we at our theatre company should think about whether or not to throw an event. We are unique in that we have this really cool old theatre building to work out of, so there are no end of ideas. But here I've shown that there is a water line that we must stay above for an event to be worth it.

A nonprofit generally wants two things: to reach people, and to bring in money. So I put those above the water line, and then put the things that erode those two things below the water as if they are pulling down. The objective of the game is never to end up underwater.

There are many many factors at work here, and for a particular event different ones will come to the fore. But it's all about the difference between the pluses and minuses - do you end up above water or not? Are there flotation devices that will help you, like getting volunteers or partnering with another organization? Are you sinking yourself by not allowing enough lead time or putting all the responsibility on only one or two people and burning them out?

This came out of a discussion at a board meeting - I knew there were a lot of things flying around the room, and we were bouncing from a time discussion to a technical discussion to a money discussion - this helped me to really get it all down in one place and have a tool to evaluate events with going forward.

The Lost Queen - 10 new pages

Page 101
Originally uploaded by betsystreeter
Alrighty, I've passed 100 pages! This batch takes us to Page 107, and Liesel and Gerritt are faced with a dilemma - Liesel's parents are clearly in danger, but Liesel's Book of Wishes seems to be sending them to a place that has nothing to do with saving them. The Illuminator of Manuscripts just draws em as he sees em. So Liesel and Gerritt emerge, after scaling the destruction left behind by the dragon, into a very different landscape than was there before.

Here's the link to the complete set of drawings on Flickr.

As I've mentioned, I've also got the first part of this novel out complete with narrative and dialog, it's a big PDF so you may have to be patient, but it lets you see how the text and drawings work together.

Now I must start looking for somewhere to publish the rest. This is such a small sampling of the story, but that's the beauty of visual storytelling - you can stay with some of the pages for a while and add your own ideas. We'll see where Liesel and Gerritt end up next... I've got a lot of Moleskines to fill!

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