Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tiger Cartoon: Broke a Nail

I was just sketching different things and this one decided to come out of hiding. Enjoy and have great day.

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Cartoon provided by “Ira Coffin” at

Twitter Cartoon: Tweet Restitution

I had the idea for this twitter cartoon about the same time I came up with another one I called “Twitter-holic”. I just got around to finishing it up today is the only reason I haven’t posted it sooner.

The idea came from thinking about twitter and the “tweeting” thing. I am not sure why but whenever I here someone say they are “tweeting”, the corners of my mouth loose some of there gravitational pull resulting in a smile. It just makes me laugh a little inside. Like I said…..I have no idea why.

Anyway, birds tweet so I thought about birds tweeting in the park on the roof…etc…..etc….and then I thought what if a bird decided to get a lawyer…..I mean why not? There have been much sillier lawsuits out there……I mean there has to have been especially when I look at my lawn mower and it has a sticker on the side of it that says something to the affect of “Danger…..keep all body parts away from blade while in operation.” You know there is some legal reason for that warning because of some mental Hercules out there. I always find it amazing how reality takes a vacation the moment some lawyers get involved so there you have it, birds sewing twitter for copyright infringements. Enjoy and have a great day.

This cartoon is free to use as content for your website as long as a credit in the form of a link is given.

Link Example:
Cartoon provided by “Ira Coffin” at or
Cartoon provided by “Ira Coffin” at

odd Parents Story

This story aired on Dimmsdale specifically fictional town, which is usually shown to be in northern California (but once the "Fairy Idol", he has shown that Dimmsdale stationed in Southern California) but also reflect residence in Michigan Butch Hartman. He also should be taken to know that half the episode that had a odyssey into the past to the "Wild West" and "Colonial" (East Dimmsdale). He followed the daily life of a child is 10 years old Timmy Turner. An only child, Timmy is always used as prey by a few enemies such as Vicky, the nanny, crazy teacher who had an obsession with fairies, En. Crocker, custodian, Francis, and the creature who has the power variation of magic: Mama Cosmo (Mrs. Cosmo), Jorgen Von Strangle, Norm the Genie, and the Pixies.

Therefore, a rather grim situation, he has been given two fairies, named Cosmo and Wanda, who has the power to fulfill his will and they are responsible to make Timmy happy. However, Cosmo is a stupid and dumb, and they both always have a dangerous idea; even has a meaning, will always be guilty. Wanda, the wife of Cosmo is more to understand have to set aside time to Timmy and Cosmo to maintain their safety.
"Fairy OddParents (The old fairy) is always taking the weight on them and kewujudan always disguise themselves as various animals and objects in crowded places, always with their distinctive colors to identify them both: Cosmo is always light green, and Wanda is always colored young pink. Except when they become fish; only their eyes are still the same. Apart from Timmy, who has no irregularities that bird pink green and can speak, or cushion the face.

Most episodes end with "deus ex machina" because Timmy has fairies who can fulfill his will. Many episodes ended with Timmy screamed "I want it all back like home!".
In average, each episode has two cartoons (each with at least a time 11 minutes). There are also episodes that have only one cartoon (time 22 minutes).
School "Elementary" is Dimmsdale schools attended by most of the child. Other schools that had shown a School "Elementary" and the Academy Snerd FUN.

Portrait caricature from photo

Minitokio - Anime Galore

Minitokio - Must See site for all anime and manga fans.
Tons (60000+) of hi-res females scans (some more than 5000px), anime wallpapers, series, mangakas and other
anime girl

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anime girls Fate-Stay Night
Tony Taka anime Tomose Shunsaku
To Heart 2 Tenjou Tenge anime scan
anime anime girl
anime girl
anime girl

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