Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny Cartoon: PC Insanity

This P.C. insanity cartoon came as a result of all the chatter surrounding the kid who attempted to take down the plane in Detroit. The chatter I’m talking about is the stuff like “the system worked” oh wait I mean “there was a systemic failure”. Then toss in the media and all their speculations, blame game, meetings on who was at fault, reports and evaluations, meetings on where to tighten security protocol, should this guy be tried as a criminal or a enemy combatant, bla…..bla…..bla….bla…bla. I can tell you one thing I know for certain, it gave me a headache. After taking a couple of aspirin and thinking about it for a while something occurred to me and that was “Man….I would not want to be a TSA person.” What a tough job that must be trying to decide who to take a closer look at or not, especially these days. I came up with this political correctness insanity cartoon as a result of all the stuff surrounding this incident bouncing around in my head. Enjoy and have a great day!

How's the Lost Queen Looking Now?

The Lost Queen is up to about 100 drawings, which seems like a lot but it's only the tiniest sliver... now it's time to wrestle it into a form that is readable, and that explains itself, while still letting the reader stay immersed in the drawings...

This means playing around with different narrative structures and experimenting with how much text to add, and where, and who might be narrating this thing anyway.

It really helps to look at how others have dealt with this issue. When you've got a story to tell, and a way of telling it, you still have to find a way to make that story accessible to readers. In my case, books like The Arrival and The Invention of Hugo Cabret have been enormously helpful, as well as looking at online formats like Red Light Properties by Dan Goldman. And, of course, every movie I have ever seen - this feels more cinematic than anything, like a living storyboard.

So now, I think I know what I have in mind at least for reading it on a screen. Take a look at the teeniest sample below of the structure and narrative style.... it's best if you set your PDF viewer to single-page view to go through it.

Oh, and dig the typeface I made out of my handwriting - I really felt that I needed hand-written text for this. I made it at - and it worked!

Click the picture below to view the PDF and see what you think.

a Doctor Cartoon Picture with Computer as His Patients


They are cartoon characters. The one is computer cartoon with sad face and one other is a doctor with serious face.

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