Monday, January 4, 2010

Cartoon :- Now I deserve a Pizza...

Initial D

Initial D tells the story of a 17-year old tofu delivery boy named Tak who suddenly finds himself caught up in the heart stopping world of street racing.

Tak drives an "Eight-Six", a street term for the Toyota Trueno AE86. When changes puts him up against street racing's most notorious and he actually wins the face, the lure is too much he's hooked.

Word quickly spread about the famous "Eight-Six of Mount Akina", and more rival racers appear to challenge Tak and his friends in a series of white knuckle-contest.

Funny old lady cartoon character

Here is a funny old lady character that I finished today. I know….I know it probably needs some explanation. I can just hear it now….

”This guy is a weirdo…..I mean who in their right mind would spend time drawing a naked old lady but someone who was a pervert or just generally mentally unstable.”

To put all your minds at ease at least as much as I can…..she is a character for a birthday card that I did….I’m not sure if that makes anyone feel better but at least you know it’s not because of the two aforementioned reasons which is important to me. I added the finished birthday card if your curious how it turned out. Everyone have a great day!

Picture of Funny Cartoon Faces of Unique Animal


Many cartoons with funny faces are always present in various media. Their cute faces can attract people's attention.
Cartoon well as visualization messages that are not legible, but it can break down the story, the form of drawings and writings, which form a compelling graphic information. Because its function is so unique it is illustrated with cartoon forms are widely used in the delivery of messages in advertising, as in children's products, fast food, cigarettes, cars and so on.

Happy New Year by Aly Fell

pin up girl
Aly Fell

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