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Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart is a freelance illustrator living in Southern California, and a co-owner of Fleet Street Scandal.
girl illustration

Kevin Dart art Kevin Dart
girl illustration girl illustration
girl illustration Kevin Dart
Kevin Dart
Kevin Dart
Kevin Dart
Kevin Dart

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Et dieu créa

et dieu créa gallery

Lovecraftian x-mas greetings by Oliver Wetter

x-mas pin-up
Artist: Oliver Wetter

Christmas Cartoon: Cranky Elf

I was sketching the other day and ended up with this as one of the sketches I liked because I was thinking of the whole elves making toys at the North Pole. Paparazzi were one of the other things that was bouncing around up there as well. I thought….what would the elves do if the paparazzi were around constantly snapping photos trying to catch one of them doing something un-elf like so they could sell it to the OMG’s, PEOPLE’s, and Tabloids of the world? Answer…..I really have no idea but I thought this guy was heading in the right direction. I ended up putting the design on some Zazzle gear in hopes of raising some funds for the “Elf Awareness Fund”, an organization dedicated to bringing about awareness of elves and their desire for privacy.  Did you catch the irony…..I’ll say it again, “An organization dedicated to bringing about awareness of elves and their desire for privacy.” Anyway, I’m just kidding about the “Elf Awareness Fund”, no such thing as far as I know….I’m just looking to make a few bucks for myself and hopefully entertain a few people as well. That’s it for that….hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday’s.


Daniele Melato

Daniele Melato - Fashion Photographer
Pin Up Photography

Daniele Melato Daniele Melato
pin up girl pin up photo
pin up photo girl pin up photo girl

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Guess With Jess

Guess With Jess Gallery
The famous Canadian Kids Television Show

Including one of the best animation in the Canadian Gemini Awards (Nelvana Limited, Classic Media Royalty House)

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