Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cartoon Christmas Cards: Raise a Glass

A cartoon image of Santa raising a toast and bearing gifts. The inside of the card simply says “Raise a glass and have a Happy Holiday”

Monday, November 29, 2010

For Those About to Shop...

A little cartoon thought as some of us venture into the land of retail.... it's not which toys you like, it's what you do with them. Or something. Good luck!

Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn

Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn - Illustrator
modern pin up girl

Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn
Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Draw a Cartoon Character

Learning how to draw a cartoon character is like making a picture with your mind. Usually drawing a cartoon person begins with either "ovals' or "sticks". In ovals, the cartoon's main body are made up of different oval sizes. In sticks, used by beginners, the main body structure of the cartoon character is made up of different length sticks. Generally seen mainly in comics, these "stick men" make the easiest cartoon character you can possibly draw.

How to Draw a Cartoon Character – Method. This is a fundamental way of drawing a cartoon character, especially suitable for the beginners.

Geometrical Shapes. Start drawing a cartoon character with the basic geometrical shapes such as squares, circles, and ovals for the head of your caricature. Similarly, a lens shaped face can represent a feminine character.

Body Drawing. How to Draw a Cartoon Character - Method. This is a professional approach to draw a cartoon character. The method emphasizes on drawing a basic pencil outline of human characters by Sticks Method. This method helps in drawing a cartoon character in particular poses.
Draw a circle around the eye line, representing head.
Finally draw eyes, nose, lips, and hair to complete the cartoon character.

Girls by Mariyumi Yamaneko

pin up cartoon girls
Artist: Mariyumi Yamaneko

Black Yellow Face of Cartoon Fish

cartoon fish

Fish cartoon faces have many different colors. This one is a black yellow face of cartoon fish. This cartoon face picture illustrates one exotic fish that live in the sea.

By Cartoon Faces. Net

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dora Wallpaper

Dora the explorer wallpapers is one proof that children cannot seem to have enough of Dora.

The manufacturers of Dora only want what most children want. Dora the explorer wallpapers are something that children can easily identify with. Having the wallpapers around can make them identify easily the journeys that Dora have made.

Being children, they are oftentimes picturing themselves in the place of Dora. Dora the explorer wallpapers are no different. The most colorful wallpapers are the ones that depict the adventures that Dora have gone through. When children see these wallpapers, they are wondering what the adventure was like and the fun that Dora have encountered. Dora the explorer wallpapers can help develop the imagination of your child. Having Dora the explorer wallpaper will definitely bring out the imaginativeness and creativity that is present in every child.

Who doesn't know Dora the explorer? If you have kids, you surely know Dora the enthusiastic girl that your children adore. Learning can be very fun and easy when you make use of the Dora the explorer printables. If your child whishes to place all the posters in her room, help her out. You can also print out coloring poster for your child to color and apply her skills. This creates initiative and creativity within your child. You can also print hats for her friends to wear which your child will surely love. If you want what's best for your child and if you want her to be like Dora, make her happy with Dora the explorer printables and share the fun together.

Aditya Ikranegara

Aditya Ikranegara - Indonesian Illustrator, Anime Comic Style Girls
anime girl

Aditya Ikranegara Aditya Ikranegara
anime girl anime girl
Aditya Ikranegara Aditya Ikranegara

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Dora Birthday Party

A Dora birthday party is perfect for a fun outdoor birthday with lots of games and activities. Nearly every little girl knows and loves Dora the Explorer. With a Dora party concentrate on the games, there are loads of outdoor games that can keep the children occupied.


Dressing up for a Dora birthday party is easy, short's t-shirt and a backpack is all your little girl will need.


Dora the Explorer is always going on adventures so why not create some adventures for your party guests.

Treasure Hunt

Some examples of clues are.

Musical Animals

A little like musical chairs. To prepare for this game you will need to get some pictures of jungle animals.

Why not try a Dora Party?

Below are the tips that you can follow in planning a perfect birthday party:

Take time to think about the party theme.

Including the concept of a Dora party in your planning can be a great idea. You can follow a concept of Dora’s adventure. Make it a costume party if possible.

It will make the children feel they are truly a part of Dora’s adventure if you can suggest it to the parents or guardians of your visitors if they can attend the party in their Dora or other Dora characters costumes. Conduct games depicting Dora the Explorer.

You can invent new birthday games that are patterned to the journeys of Dora. Choose prizes for the winners of the parlor games that are all about Dora.

Lastly, a Dora the Explorer party can be cultural and educational as well. Enjoy and be entertained in Dora’s party, with your very own little Dora, your daughter.

Cartoon Girl by Shane Glines

cartoon girl
Shane Glines - my favorite cartoon artist

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dora Party Ideas

"Pin the Backpack on Dora" - Find a graphic of Dora online, enlarge it, and print it out. "Dora Bingo" - Make a Dora bingo using pictures, signs, and words from the series. Use Dora stickers or little figurines found at party stores.

"Find Swiper" - Swiper is the fox character on Dora. "Dora Hide and Seek" - Hide Dora themed items all around the party area, such as Spanish flashcards, pictures of the Dora characters, or Dora stickers. Dora Pinata - This traditional Mexican party activity is apt considering the theme.

Every little girl who loves Dora the Explorer would want to have a birthday made around Dora and her companions. Cake and Dishware: Of course you want CAKE! But, have it be a Dora Cake. There is the Dora plates available as well as the napkins. The theme is "Dora" so get some purple streamers, as well as blue or pink. Treats: Besides cake, there is always room for treats. Games: A few ideas to go along with the Dora theme. Dora is from Mexico and speaks Spanish. Because Dora teaches adventure as well as Spanish words, it is a birthday that can let the kids have fun as well as learn something productive for their future lives.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Speed Racer Gallery

Speed Racer
Mach GoGoGo became a series in 1968
Then in 2008, the American film "Speed Racer" was released.

Cartoon Holiday Cards: Raise a Glass

The inside of the card simply says
“Raise a glass and have a Happy Holiday”

Double Platinum by Mark Wasyl

vector pin up girl
Artist: Mark Wasyl

Cartoon Christmas Cards: Raise a Glass

The inside of the card simply says
“Raise a glass and have a Happy Holiday”

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dragon Ball Z Gallery

Dragon Ball Z
Both "Dragon Ball," and "Dragon Ball Z" were anime series that were broadcast from 1986-1996, in Japan.

"Dragon Ball" is about Son Goku's search for seven magical objects that are referred to as the "Dragon Balls."

What Does Sputnik have to do with Arts Funding?

A lot, I think.

When Sputnik happened, and the Cold War began, we became afraid of Earth-destroying technology. Technology we had never contemplated before.

With this fear came a need to control and dominate. Everything else took a back seat.

We needed Star Wars, and nuclear scientists. We needed warheads. We had to keep the annihilation of our way of life, or just Earth in general, at bay.

Now, vaporizing ourselves is bad. And it kind of prevents other things from happening in a very thorough way.

But, what are we trying to avoid vaporizing? Isn't that our humanity, our culture? Our society? Our lives?

Somewhere along the way, we decided that the "hard" sciences were the salvation of the world, and that other artsy "fuzzy" stuff was just a "nice-to-have."

And now here we sit, with that attitude still festering in our education system.

The arts get cut first in our schools because they are not "hard." They don't play into our now-obsolete notion of what keeps our society safe, and prosperous.

If you examine where this attitude first came from, it's easier to understand it, to appreciate the very real fears that brought it into being, and also to move beyond it.

Today we need to learn how to think, more than ever. We need unique voices, unprecedented solutions, in a world that moves very very quickly and that is interconnected. And we need to draw out of ourselves ideas that we did not know were there. We need the arts.

Those who figure this out, will prosper.

James Ryman

James Ryman - Illustrator, Fantasy Art
zombie girl

fantasy girl James Ryman
fantasy girl art James Ryman art
fantasy girl

More info and pics:

Caricature live act

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pokemon the Movie gallery

The Pokemon anime series is based on the Pokemon video game series-which itself is part of the umbrella Pokemon franchise.

Editorial Cartoons: TSA Pat Down Privacy

I caught a little bit on the subject of the x-ray deals and the new pat down policy that the poor TSA folks are going to have to start doing and thought I would throw up something as ridiculous as the notion of a "new pat down" policy implies. Enjoy and have a great day.

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