Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cartoon Faces of Two Asian Girls in the Dark

cartoon faces

We can know that they are Asian cartoon faces by seeing the drawing. There are two girl faces with their cute cartoon faces. They are beautiful cartoon girls with a dark background. Maybe there is a mystery behind this cartoon picture. We don’t know, but we like to collect this cartoon drawing.

Social Media, or the Great Candy Store of Ideas

I had the great fortune to participate on a panel about social media, put on by the German American Business Association (GABA), Women in Business Interest Group - we talked about how women in particular relate to social media... and the complexities of having a "conversation" with what seems like the whole world. It made me think of this:

But really, it's not that bad. It's just a bit overwhelming. On the one hand, it can seem like you're talking to everyone at once, and on the other it can seem like nobody is listening. Like standing by the punch bowl at a party. This is because of all the filters you have in between, kind of like this:

Anyway, I suppose in a year we will have a newfangled thing and a new discussion, but it will still be all about people trying to sort each other out.

My recommendation: Use searches and keywords whenever you can. On Twitter, I spend my time searching for terms I am interested in, like stuff on creativity and innovation and design and education issues. That's how you uncover all the cool people. And then when you post things, make sure you use your favorite words yourself, so people can find you. Like fireflies in the night. Or something.

It's a huge world of fabulous, creative ideas out there... there is an enormous artist community on Flickr, for example. There are art teachers with wonderful sites full of project ideas. There are groups of people who draw in Moleskine notebooks. There are people who paint murals and illustrate books and do art you've never heard of. That's what I love about social media. Or whatever we'll be calling it next year.

Fuchsia by Serge Birault

Fuchsia by Serge Birault
New Art by Serge Birault

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Obama Care Cartoon: Big Pill

A Printable Beast for You!

I've had this image in my head for a few days now - thought it might make a nice reminder whenever you need a little creative lift - click the image if you'd like to print one of your own, and enjoy!

Mel K (queenfish)

Mel K (queenfish) - Illustrator, Cartoon Style Arts
pin up cartoon

pin up cartoon girl queenfish pin up
pin up cartoon queenfish
cartoon pin up pin up cartoon
queenfish art queenfish
Mel K queenfish

More info and pics:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Health Care Cartoon: Borrow my Umbrella

I had the idea for this cartoon as a result of the heath care reform bill passing and the speaker of the house getting up and celebrating the passage of the bill which is fine….must have been tough to get everyone bribed I mean primed for the vote. It’s always good to celebrate a victory. The thing I found interesting was during her speech she made reference to the historical event that took place and likened it to the passage of Social Security and Medicare both of which are on their way to insolvency. It just struck me as odd that someone who some would view to be somewhat intelligent would use such a poor example of government making history. I think something like it’s passed, it’s historical and uhm…..have a nice day might have been better. Oh well….another day another entitlement, go figure. The cost of this thing is going to be……well…….staggering doesn’t quite do it……hmmm………crippling! That’s the word I’m looking for. Don’t fret about it though; it will most likely be the kids and grandkids that catch the economic smack down from this entitlement. We have Social Security to beat us about the head and neck, so it’s not like we won’t get ours. Though the explanation of where this cartoon came from was a little longer than I had first hoped and filled with a lot of sarcasm…..please don’t let that stop you from enjoying it. Have a great day.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Digital caricature

Funny Christmas Cartoon: Toes Up

I was working on some birthday ideas the other day and ran into a block. It is customary in these situations to switch gears and focus on some other subject for a while. This was one of the thinks that came from that re-focus. I know Christmas, snow, snowmen and all of those things winter are a ways off right now but I thought I would visit it a little early this year. Besides that…..political cartoons seem to be another focus of mine as of late for some reason and I find that if I do too many of them at one time it makes me feel like I need to puke or at the very least stop drawing altogether for a while which leaves me with way to much free time in which to get in trouble other ways so Christmas, snowmen and dogs that need to relieve themselves is where I find myself today. Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

Bar Refaeli for Passionata. Part 2

Bar Refaeli Lingerie on Pin Up Style Photoset for Passionata
Bar Refaeli pin up photo

Bar Refaeli for Passionata Bar Refaeli for Passionata
Bar Refaeli Lingerie Bar Refaeli Pin Up Photos
Pin Up Photos Pin Up Photo
Bar Refaeli Pin Up Photos

More info and pics:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Free Coloring Page: Glub glub!

Everybody looks pretty wary of the shark in this one. There's a bit of open space at the top too, where you can add a couple more fish or a speech bubble if you feel like.

Click the image to open and print.... Enjoy!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Editorial Cartoon: Out to Pasture

This editorial cartoon came to me as a result of a couple of different things. I was listening to a radio program and the topic was “Draining the Political Swamp”. Basically the idea was to get rid of all incumbents and start fresh in the upcoming November elections. The thought process being that there are far to many in congress that have made it more about a political career and less about serving the people as originally intended. I personally see both upsides as well as significant risk in the idea. I do think that some balance of power exercise needs to happen in this upcoming election. No matter what side of the isle anyone leans toward, I don’t think any type of super majority is good in almost any situation but more specifically, between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our governmental system.

Anyway, back to the cartoon idea. The second thing that brought this editorial cartoon to light was listening to Nancy Pelosi talk about how she talked to kids including six week olds. I’m really not sure but I am fairly comfortable in saying that there are probably not a lot of six week olds out there that have the grasp of speech. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure I’m not. There is always the possibility that she misspoke but that seems to be more and more common place these days. Not just from Nancy but a whole host of people. That coupled with the Radio program led me to this cartoon. Enjoy and have a great day.

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Pete Hawley

Pete Hawley (1916 - 1975) - Vintage Pin Up Illustrator
Jantzen ads
Pete Hawley created a provocative style for Jantzen advertising in the 1940's and 1950's spanning 17 years. He illustrated over 100 magazine ads for swimsuits, lingerie, sweaters and other fashions.

Pete Hawley Pete Hawley
vintage ads Pete Hawley vintage adverts
vintage pin up vintage pin up girl
Pete Hawley

More info and pics:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Cartoon Face of The Frog in Happiness

cartoon face

This is a happy frog face. He just wanted to say “Hello world….”. His cartoon face tells us about the happiness. But what do you think about happiness? It is a choice or a decision. Happiness is internal and we always have it inside us.
So start to be happy today as like many cartoon faces and making happiness in your life. Keep your smile....

By Cartoon Faces.Net

The Art of Being Enthralled

Can you remember being a kid, and maybe you applied crayon or pen or something to a surface that wasn't meant to have crayon or pen on it? Or mixed a couple of things together, or took something apart...

Remember the look on the resident grownup's face when they came into the room? That kind of, "Oh, uh-oh" face - followed by "Oh honey, that's not what that's meant for - now, let's clean that up... you know better!"

That's a pretty easy thing to remember -- especially maybe some of the vocabulary words that you learned right then...

But do you also remember the feeling BEFORE that? That feeling of being completely engrossed by what you were doing? The feeling that is the reason that you weren't "knowing better" at that particular point in time?

I remember writing on my bookshelf with a mascara brush.

That enthrallment that you felt is a skill that we need in order to accomplish great things in our life - and you learn it by participating in the arts.

Kids know how to get enthralled. It drives grownups nuts. They get enthralled at all the wrong moments. Like, when they are supposed to be getting in the car. Because we're late. So could we just get in the car? Please? Okay put down the ladybug, let's get in the car... NOW!

But we need the ability to be enthralled in order to really accomplish something. In a society that is obsessed with the Big Win, the Medal, the Championship, we sure don't spend a lot of time cultivating the kind of enthrallment and perserverance that you need to get to that pinnacle. Or to get anywhere, for that matter.

You get that from the arts. Not from completing an art "project," but by setting aside a time and place to just sit and make something. Follow your thoughts and impulses. See where things go. It's like exercising an enthrallment muscle.

If I had my way, every kid in the world would have at least a half hour a day, or an hour, to just get out some kind of materials and have at it. Could be crayons, glue, tape, clay, electronics - just some open space to exercise that enthrallment muscle.

Have you given yourself an enthrallment workout lately? What about your favorite kid? Give it a try. Enthrallment comes from WITHIN. Peace takes practice. And so does getting enthralled.

Coloring Pages - all in One Place!

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