Monday, January 25, 2010

Nobita Dinosaurus

Doraemon The Movie : Nobita Dinosaurus Storyline

Because of the nail Suneo Tyrannosaurus fossil exhibit granting father, Nobita boasted would show intact dinosaur fossils, with the promise of eating spaghetti with your nose if it fails. Unfortunately Doraemon would not help. This time, Nobita was not discouraged. He was determined to dig their own dinosaur fossil. Nobita incidentally found fossils of dinosaur eggs. To make sure what was true dinosaur eggs, fossils were returned so as before with Cain Packaging Time. It was really a dinosaur egg. Eggs were then hatched into baby Futabasuzukisaurus and Pisuke named Nobita

Nobita and Doraemon and quietly Pisuke maintain at home. Friendship arose between them. But finally Pisuke visible and inviting people hype surrounding residents. With a heavy heart, Nobita was forced to return his new friend to the Cretaceous period

But Pisuke returned to the wrong place. Not in Japan, but in America. Plesiosaur suppress malignant Pisuke American. So began the adventure Nobita, Doraemon and his friends in the prehistoric times to return to his hometown Pisuke. Did they?

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