Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old Man Cartoon: Stop Staring

This old man cartoon came as a result of watching football playoffs last week. I was watching one of the games and my youngest son came in and sat down for a little while and a couple of sets of commercials had run when he asked me why al the commercials were either about Trucks, Fast Food, Beer or Male Enhancement Products. I never really pay that much attention to commercials during the breaks but obviously it is because of the target market. That’s what I told him anyway. I was laughing on the inside because I was just thankful that he didn’t ask me what Male Enhancement Products are. He got up and walked off and the next commercial was for Male Enhancement stuff. It was then that the basic idea for this cartoon popped into my head. With as much advertising focus on that issue you would think it was some type of epidemic or something. Then I thought people using this type of drug must be so grateful for this amazing discovery. Anyway, that’s the back story on this old man cartoon. Enjoy and have a great day.

Have you fed the couch?

I saw a bit of a PBS nature special today - it had something to do with eagles, I think. I just caught a bit on my way through stumbling over Legos and figuring out what I did with my glasses. But this cartoon came to mind.

Mickey Mouse Toaster

mickey mouse toaster
What a great toaster today? We think Mickey Mouse Toaster is the great toaster. Well, now everyone can enjoy cartoon world every time that everyone eats breakfast with a Mickey Mouse toaster.
Was there any other cartoon face that people loved more than Mickey Mouse when they were growing up? Is there any other cartoon character that many children today love more than Mickey Mouse? Of course not, until today we all love Mickey Mouse. If people are looking to purchase Mickey Mouse related gifts or presents, Mickey Mouse related items offer some great value for variation and a timeless value that can be enjoyed by the old and young alike.
Most people love the Mickey Mouse toaster and so will you once your buy your own Mickey Mouse toaster. Today, regular toast will never be acceptable again. Many kids will absolutely love it, too. It is the funny cartoon face on toaster.
Still not fun today? Well, people can buy a Mickey Mouse toaster and have a lot of fun making Mickey Mouse toast. Now, that sounds fun! The Mickey Mouse toaster is one of those great things that can light up a kid’s face as soon as they see it. The Mickey Mouse toaster make wonderful Christmas gifts or birthday presents for children who are fans of that adorable little vermin. The exterior of the Mickey Mouse Toaster is stainless steel for easy cleaning and suitable with drawing cartoon faces. This toaster also has cancel and defrost buttons.
The Mickey Mouse toaster also plays a little music when the toast is done. It is a unique toaster that is entertaining and fun. Have a happier morning with the Mickey Mouse Toaster. Your toast will never be the same again.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pin Up Photos by Gavin Bond for GQ UK

The photographer Gavin Bond shoots Victoria’s Secret models Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Shannan Click and Elyse Taylor for for GQ UK February 2010.
Pin Up Photos

Pin Up Photos by Gavin Bond for GQ UK Pin Up Photos by Gavin Bond for GQ UK
Gavin Bond pin up GQ
Victorias Secret pin up Gavin Bond shoots Victorias Secret pin up
Pin Up Photos by Gavin Bond for GQ UK

More info and pics:

Artists and Illustrators Unite!

The Web accelerates a lot of things that humans would want to do anyway, particularly connecting with other people. For artists, the ability to connect is like gold. Looking at other people's work makes your own work better.

The Escape from Illustration Island blog is a terrific example. Thomas James spends a lot of energy on amassing useful tips of all sorts for artists and illustrators. It's indeed a gold mine.

Here are a few items that I find particularly useful:

What do you wish you knew when you started? Read the comments, where artists (like me) offer hard-won wisdom

How to work with an illustrator, over on Thomas' own site

So if you are a freelance artist, or you know one, or someone you know is considering getting into the field (perhaps after they graduate), send them over. These are the types of resources that artists need in order to run their business and not feel like they are selling out or being taken advantage of. Thanks Thomas!

What Can I Do For You?

- I can LICENSE YOU ART OR CARTOONS - for books, magazines, presentations, merchandise, displays, anything you need.

- I can CREATE SPOT ILLUSTRATIONS for your presentation, article, or project

- I can help you VISUALIZE CONCEPTS, explain yourself to your audience, MAKE COMPLEX THINGS CLEAR


- I can MAKE ILLUSTRATED EBOOKS/MOVIES, stories, introductions and slides after the style of the Creative Beast (and many others)

- GOT ANOTHER IDEA? Something you'd like to talk about? Try out? Play with? Write me right away! (mail AT Let's sketch and talk!

How to License Artwork and Cartoons:

I am uploading new stuff there all the time.
They are wonderful, and easy to work with. Check them out!

If you can't find what you seek there, email me ( with:
- A description or caption
- Where you saw the art or cartoon or animation
- What you want to use it for (type of use, circulation or number of copies)
That's all I need.
I can get you the file, and quote you a license fee right quick.

I look forward to talking with you!

Manuel Rebollo

Manuel Rebollo - Illustrator
Manuel Rebollo

Manuel Rebollo Manuel Rebollo
Manuel Rebollo art Manuel Rebollo art
girl sketch girl sketch
Manuel Rebollo
Manuel Rebollo

More info and pics:

Cartoon :- Election fallout...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Walrus Cartoon: Father and Son

A walrus cartoon with a father and son giving each other a salute.

How to draw a cartoon Penguin in a few easy steps.

There are several ways in which to draw cartoon Penguins and this article focuses on basic shapes to achieve the goal. The reason basic shapes are used is because it is much easier to draw most anything if it can be broken down into shapes.

The only thing that is really required to draw most anything is some paper (I just used regular printer paper for this exercise), a pencil and some type of black pen if you choose to apply ink to your drawing when it is complete. (I use a micron #2 for almost every cartoon I do which can be found at most arts and craft stores or online) however, a regular gel pen works just fine for what we are doing here.

Our little cartoon Penguin here is made up of two rounded bowling pins, four ovals, four circles and six different size triangles arranged to from our cute and cuddly little cartoon Penguin. We start by using pencil to sketch out our little


Step 1:

We start by drawing one large size bowling pin shape for the body of our cartoon Penguin.




A second, smaller bowling pin shape is drawn on the inside of the first bowling pin shape representing the white belly of the Penguin.


Step 3:

Two small triangles are drawn in place for the Penguins beak along with two small ovals for its nostrils. (Our little cartoon Penguin has to breath, right.)


Step 4:

Next we draw two ovals above the beak for eyes along with either two or four circles inside the ovals. Two circles can be used but I myself prefer four because I usually add color to my drawings and eyes that are complete with color and pupils are something I like to do.


Step 5:

Next we draw our Penguins wings and feet. It would be a little cruel not to give our Penguin something to help him get around don’t you think. We achieve this by using four triangles, two for the wings and two smaller triangles for the feet.


Steps 6 and 7:

Our last two steps are one, go through and erase the parts of the shapes that overlap such as the wings and the feet and we are left with our basic shapes drawn cartoon Penguin in pencil. Two take your gel pen or ink pen and copy over your pencil Penguin cartoon and you are done.  At this point we can color him if we choose to or just leave him as is.



I decided to do some small adjustments to the feet and wings of my Penguin and add some color and shading to show you what is possible from that basic shape cartoon Penguin. I achieve this by scanning my finished cartoon Penguin into Photoshop and doing all the coloring a shading there.



Thank you for taking the time to draw a cartoon Penguin with me and I look forward to adding a few more “How to draw” articles in the future. Until then keep an eye out for basic shapes in everything you wish to draw. The shapes are all around us and make drawing a little easier and fun. Have a great day.

A Guide to Drawing Cartoon Faces

drawing cartoon faces
Kids love drawing cartoon faces and it is a common phenomenon that they will likely to start drawing their favorite cartoon heroes at this stage.
Cartoon faces have always been the first love of kids. They watch cartoon faces on television more than adults watch the news. It is not surprising that some kids love to draw their favorite cartoon characters for their drawing cartoon faces, and even sometimes to the point of not paying attention in class.
Some kids will develop their artistic talents through this habit while other kids will eventually stop drawing a cartoon face and just content themselves with watching them on TV.
If someone is an aspiring artist, he certainly knows how difficult it is to draw a drawing cartoon avatar of someone or himself. Drawing cartoon faces is not easy and takes a lot of meticulous practice and patience. Little did we know that drawing a cartoon face was a lot more than enrolling in some art class at the local college. We found that drawing cartoon faces something so complicated was more natural talent than a learned skill.
Professional cartoon artists today started drawing funny cartoon faces at a very early age, even when the television was not yet popular. Support children's talent. Instead of getting mad at them drawing in their notebook and everywhere else, but them a drawing book for their sketches. It is better if people enroll their child on a summer art class. Kids get to improve their skill in cartoon drawing, and they get to spend their vacation productively.
In other sides, people said that drawing cartoon faces is an easy form of art, and people can easily master it in a very short period with little practice. A use pencil and pen to start drawing the cartoon faces. It is important that everyone start drawing simpler cartoons before they get started drawing complicated ones. Furthermore, start drawing cartoon faces published in magazines and newspapers, this will give people a whole lot of ideas. It is important that you be simple while drawing cartoon faces as simplicity always wins.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

About Me

Hi there! I'm Betsy Streeter, and I'm glad you came to visit.

I'm a teaching cartoonist + illustrator + designer + mom. I write about drawing, thinking, thinking while drawing, and drawing while thinking.

I live in Northern California with my kids, cats, husband and an enormous collection of books and music.

I believe Art is the Power to Speak the Truth.

My goal each day is to draw something for someone.

I publish e-books on creativity. Here is one called "Ten Great Uses for a Pencil," and here is another called "How to Draw Nothing." Both are free. I also did this one:

If you want the full career rundown, you can see my resume on LinkedIn.

Want to work together? Got a question? Here's my address: mail AT

Here's a partial client list:

Cartooning and Illustration:
King Features
The Funny Times
Utne Reader
Body + Soul Magazine (a Martha Stewart publication)
Coaching Sanctuary
For Women First Magazine
Z Magazine (cover, double issue)
Universal Press
Wiley Publishing
Thomson Learning
Henry Stewart Talks
Daily Press, Newport News Virginia
Utah Statesman, Utah State University
The Lamoni Chronicle, Lamoni, Iowa
The Rake, Minneapolis, Minnesota
She Shines (YWCA), Rhode Island
Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory Exhibit, "Black Holes and Time Twists"
Mommy Tracked
Oxford University
Stanford University Press

Design, Design Strategy, UI, UX:
Xerox (design appears in Jakob Nielsen's book, "Designing Web Usability")
Electronic Arts
Indus International

Please feel free to email me and I will be happy to draw something for you!

Old Guy Cartoon: Get back in the glass

I was trying to draw something completely different when this cartoon took shape on the page. This old guy just kind of showed up for the party and he was pointing at something….so I thought “Why not his teeth?” It just kind of took shape from there. “What could he say to his teeth?” “What would his teeth say to him?” I decided not to have his teeth talking back to him because that would be just plain……well crazy!
I then pictured him basically scolding his teeth kind of like a small dog like a Yorkie or maybe a Pug….you know…..”Get back in your cage doggy.” Anyway….I think you get the idea by now.

Oh…I almost forgot… case your curious….I was actually thinking about trying to draw some kind of troll type character to put on a coffee mug. Very odd that I ended up with this cartoon and will be using it for a birthday card.

Enjoy and have a great day.

Birthday Card

Funny Cartoon: Paper vs Plastic

I was just sketching last night and came up with this very random cartoon. I can honestly say that I must have been a little sleepy last night or something because I have absolutely no idea which part of my brain came up with this very random goofiness. Hope you get a giggle out of it at least. Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Polar Bear Cartoon: Greenhouse Gas Kills the Mood

This polar bear cartoon came as a result of the other polar bear cartoons I have done in the past as well as a couple of other things that kind of bounced together in my head. I had read some article that the polar bears were having a tough time dealing with the changes in their environment and according to the article there was a possibility that the polar bears could be extinct some years from now. The point to the article was that greenhouse gases where causing this problem for the polar bears.

The last piece of the puzzle is that Valentines day is coming up and I thought of this specific cartoon as a result of the article and the thought that if polar bears where going to celebrate the holiday they would most likely kick back by the fire and snuggle…..right. Wrong, it turns out that one of them happens to be up on the whole greenhouse gas thing. The cartoon is one possible conversation that might happen. Enjoy and have a great day.

Penguin Cartoon: Ice Delivery

I was goofing around drawing penguins again and thought to myself, other than waddling around looking for food what would a penguin do? What kind of career would a penguin like? This cartoon is one idea I thought a penguin might choose as a career. Enjoy and have a great day.

A Cartoon Face as A Humor

cartoon face
Problems and Circumstances are staple part of people’s life. Humor, laughter and fun are something that makes the serious moments of our life much lighter. We think that without humor this life would be boring and very dull.
A cartoon face is created to bring smile on everyone's face. They reflect our life in hilarious and humor ways. Funny cartoons help you look at the positive side of your frustrations, difficult situation and problems. In many ways, watching funny cartoons about life, make your life more fun and worth smiling. Many people like to make fun of cartoon face. Instead of adopting a serious view about politics, many cartoonists create funny pictures of key figures. These images tend to attract more readers.
Children are always fun to have around as like a cartoon face. They get into lots of funny conditions because of their innocence. Children can be funny with a cartoon face, but sometimes, adults get into humorous situations as well. Many of cartoon pictures of adults making funny face. On occasions, people get to see funny things happening to adults in real life.
There are all kinds of cartoon face pictures on the earth. Some of them are based on true events, while others are created just for a few good laughs. There are many cartoonists that produce a great cartoon face. An artist or cartoonist is this case will dream up a cartoon character then draw it. Then it goes to the computer for making animation. There must be artistic talent where the artist as learned the fundamentals of cartoons. Cartoon pictures must have a storyline or a purpose. It is the interest in the storyline enhanced by the characters that make a cartoon face successful.
How about a cartoon face on kid’s toys? Cartoon face toys are some of the most widely distributed toys in the world and some of the most lucrative for toy companies to produce. Toys that have a cartoon face on them or are based on specific cartoons are typically more expensive than toys without cartoons on them and the reason is not all about licensing agreements. One reason why kids like cartoon faces is because it is familiar. Most kids only want the toys that depict the characters on their favorite cartoons and they may watch these shows multiple times every week.

Hilo Chen

Hilo Chen - Contemporary Photo-realist Painter
Photo-realist Painter
Hilo Chen (Yee-Lum) was born in 1942 in Taiwan and moved to New York in 1968 after living in Paris. This series of paintings depicts beautiful women sun bathing on the beach. The skin tones of his nudes seem more "real" than life itself. You feel as though you can almost touch these women who are so oblivious to being observed.

Hilo Chen
Hilo Chen
Hilo Chen art
Hilo Chen beach girl
photorealistic drawing
photorealistic drawing

More info and pics:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cartoon :- Twitter for Australia..

For reference pl. Read here

Cartoons About Animals

You can sometimes make a point better with animal characters than you can with humans.

Often I license cartoons to people who are making a point in print or in a presentation that might be kind of sensitive, or they want to use animals to help people see the humor in a situation that might not otherwise be so funny.

Consider using humor to make your point. It keeps people's ears open.

NOTE: These cartoons are copyrighted, and are samples - there are many more where they came from (over 2,000, actually). If you'd like to use a cartoon, or see more, you can contact me directly or check out the big ol' archive on

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