Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year’s Cartoon: Dine and Dash

I did something like this cartoon last year in fact I took a look at it and the caption referred to the old year leaving the baby new year with a big bill. I decided to do this one without the years attached to their banners because it occurred to me that over the decades the argument can be made that no matter who is in the white house or the congress, one thing has remained constant. Spending…..spending and more spending. The only thing that has not remained constant is the amounts. That trend has definitely been on the upward trend. I wonder how long it will go on. What will my kids…… lives be like? Anyway, I redid the cartoon without the years in place because based on history the future will most likely result in more of the same….at least that is where I would place my bet. Enjoy the cartoon and the New Year. I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year’s.

Patrick Star characters

Patrick Star is a starfish friend of Spongebob. Although often not concentrated in a conversation and misunderstandings occur, Patrick is a good friend. Patrick lived next door to SpongeBob and the pineapple house located in his home under a rock.

Cartoon Picture of Dancers with Their Happy Faces


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