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Cartoon : - Today, meet me...

Place in a series SpongeBob

  • Bikini Bottomshire - Name Bikini Bottom in former times, the area occupied by the King Krab, which is a rival of the witch Plankton.
  • Goo Lagoon - A beach in Bikini Bottom SpongeBob frequented and friends.
  • Rock Bottom - A place outside of Bikini Bottom who inhabited a strange fish.
  • K-blub - One of the radio station in Bikini Bottom.
  • Sea Needle - High-rise buildings are also a parody of the building at the Seattle Space Needle
  • Shell City - is a souvenir shop located on the ground. (only appears in the movie Spongebob the Movie)
  • Jellyfish fields (Padang Jellyfish) - The Jellyfish hunting. Spongebob often come to this place.
  • Krusty Krab - fast-food restaurant where SpongeBob and Squidward work. Krusty Krab's most popular selling food that is selautan like Krabby Patty burgers.
  • Discount Grocery Mart – Mini market usual discounts.
  • Shady Shoals - in a nursing home and Mermaidman lived Barnacleboy.
  • Fancy Restaurant - a five star restaurant, where SpongeBob had worked here in one episode.
  • Glove World - the amusement park in Bikini Bottom.tempat SpongeBob and Patrick play prior to the Rock Bottom.
  • Chum Bucket - The diner where Plankton and his evil plan to stay with Karen. Always empty with no visitors.
  • New Kelp - The city where Spongebob becomes mayor and his name changed to Brown Pants Head Cheese
  • Residents' Housing Row Patrick, Squidward & Spongebob
  • Davy Jones' locker - The place where people who have properties that are not good, a place filled with socks.
  • Fast Food Coliseum - Place the chefs to participate in the annual cooking competition.
  • Barg 'n Mart - Place the citizens of Bikini Bottom to shop.
  • Diner A restaurant that appeared in several episodes of Chocolate With Nuts, Mermaidman & Barnacleboy II, & Missing Identity
  • Oyster Oyster & Place Stadium where the match snails. Zoo Located in Bikini Bottom
  • Mrs.. Place Puff Boating School SpongeBob learn to drive, at this school sponge bob never passed a driving test.
  • Palace of Pranks-store selling goods ignorant / toys
  • Old West town where SpongeBuck

Drawing Cartoon Book with Happy Cartoon Face

That is cartoon drawing of book. The book can smile to you.
What do you think about cartoon? Many people are actually hooked on cartoons around the world. This is because of the irresistible charm and humor that the cartoon faces possess. Also, some people may not notice it, but cartoons, like other forms of art, actually send messages which may remind you of the different realities in life.
Sometimes you find cartoon drawing from other things like clothes, bottle, glasses, dolls, clock, car, aeroplane, and others.

Graphic Novel - New Pages

Page 84
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In which we find out that Gerritt has some shape-shifting issues. This is why he needs Liesel's help. In the meantime, though, this comes in handy when pursued by a Tromindox.

I apologize for the lag time here, I needed to take a minute to think - while I am working my way from one frame to the next, I also have to give thought to how we are going to get to know these characters and provide openings to do that. So thanks for your patience.

You can see the whole novel HERE
Click "Slideshow" at the upper right to go through the whole thing.
Thanks for reading!

Funny Coffee Mugs: Stupid people give me the willies

A funny cartoon coffee mug based on a cranky cartoon character of an old man who has a certain view of the world around him. Everyone has someone like this in there family or knows or has known someone like this in their lifetime. The opposite side of the mug can be customized with whatever you would like. The text “Back the heck off!” comes to my mind so have fun with it and get one for the special “cranky” someone in your life.

Portrait caricature - 25 people

Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts’ paintings have been described as 'dreams made uncomfortably a little real'.
At the heart of his work is always the desire to create energy on the canvas - to draw the viewer into a fragmentary still of a world that is between realities.
photorealistic paintings

photorealistic drawing
Paul Roberts paintings
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts art

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