Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Funny Christmas Cartoons: Carbon Footprint

I always giggle inside when I hear the term carbon footprint…..I really don’t know why….it just sounds funny too me. I did this cartoon as a result of some little news clip about how much of a carbon footprint was created in Copenhagen this past week for the meeting of the minds. Again, it made me laugh, the phrase carbon footprint that is. Anyway, the news clip went on about limos, jets, fuel, food and a bunch of other stuff and actually gave a number on the size of the carbon footprint. I thought it was comical that the media when they are in criticize mode find someone who is able to come up with this amazingly accurate number for a carbon footprint but will be there the very next day saying that it is impossible to measure that type of thing…ah…yea…. you got to love it …..the insanity of it all that is. So…..since it tis the season…I was wondering what the carbon footprint of Santa’s chosen mode of transportation might be and since Al Gore is kind of the poster boy for this subject…I thought I would throw him in there as well. Enjoy the cartoon and have a very safe and Happy Holiday.

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