Friday, December 18, 2009

cartoon :- Pakistan is yet have a long way to go

Funny Polar Bear Cartoons: Nature vs. Nurture

This cartoon idea came as a result of coming across an article about whether or not polar bears where becoming extinct due to climate change. According to the article they are not endangered yet but depending on future years I guess it could go either way. Anyway, I got to thinking about how these researches must have to gather their data. I guess they have to tag them or something and if they do not tag them what do they do? Take a Polar Bear census. Could you imagine that conversation, “Hello Mr. Polar Bear… many bears in your den?” Polar Bears tend to be 8 to 10 ft tall and pretty heavy so I figure they probably eat quite a bit of food. I got to wondering if someone has ever been attacked by one of them…..would one of us be enough to fill him up or would they find us tasty at all. Don’t ask me why I think these things…..probably has something to do with too much T.V. as a kid. I thought about who would be the most likely victim of a Polar Bear attack and came up with two possibilities….it would either be an environmentalist up in the Arctic checking things out or one of these scientist who are monitoring the Bear populations. Well….as you can see from the cartoon…I decided on the environmentalist for this one. Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

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Picture of Bird Cartoon as A President

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Sing Along With Barbie

Sing Along With BarbieSing Along With Barbie

Sing Along With BarbieSing Along With Barbie

Sing Along With BarbieSing Along With Barbie

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