Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Funny Christmas Cartoons: Pitched Roofs

This cartoon came as a result of thinking about Santa and Christmas in general. I was thinking about what a tough gig it must be to get everything together and out the door in one night. I’m sure he has tons of help with it but then there is the rush in one night and the havoc that must create. I know that when I get in a rush to do something there has been times when I wasn’t always completely aware of my surroundings and possible hazards. I was thinking that it must be kind of the same for the jolly big guy on the night. I thought this might be one of the things that could happen if you are not watching your footing while bouncing around on the top of an icy snow filled roof. I know only because I used to work on roofs from time to time and when you are focused on the work at hand it is easy to forget you’re a little higher in the air than normal. Anyway that is how this cartoon came to life. Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday season.

Anti Big Government Cartoon: Upside-Down World

“When George Washington threw the dollar across the Rappahannock River, he didn't realize he was establishing a precedent for government spending.”

-Harold Coffin, "The San Francisco Examiner"

I did this cartoon as a result of a conversation with someone where the basic result was that in a lot of ways the world seems upside down right now. Lot’s of things going on and to some, things seem a little over the top or out of hand weather it be the spending spree or current and past administrations have been on or the term “to big to fail”, “spend our way out of debt” or just a general feeling in the gut that something is not right and a finger can’t be placed on it. Anyway, I did this little guy as a result of that conversation and thought I would through him up on the Blog as a representative for smaller government. Enjoy and have a great day.

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