Sunday, November 29, 2009

Funny Christmas Cartoons: Doggone Merry Christmas

I did this cartoon as a result of just drawing out of boredom. I was goofing around sketching different dogs, cats and a construction worker. Don’t ask how the construction worker fits in there…..I have no clue. I started thinking about words to associate with each of the sketches and one of the dog sketches just looked like “Doggonit” which the urban dictionary defines as “an expression of showing mild or high frustration.” That turned into “Doggone” as in “That food was Doggone tasty!” which then transformed into a “Doggone Merry Christmas”. It sometimes strikes me as strange how my ideas move along from start to finish but at least the ideas keep coming so I’m not going to wonder about it too much at this point. The drawing of the cartoon is a combination of all that thought about words and sketching dogs as well as it being the holidays. I’m not sure if the construction worker will ever make it into anything but he is sitting on the desk next to me, haunting me in a way. Enjoy the cartoon and have a happy holiday season.

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Andrius Balciunas

Andrius Balciunas - digital artist
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Andrius Balciunas Andrius Balciunas

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Funny Cartoon Face Expression of Tom and Jerry Character

funny face cartoon tom and jerry

Some people think that Tom and Jerry cartoon is just for kids. Kids loved Tom and Jerry cartoon series, because Tom and Jerry always made the children laugh.

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