Monday, November 23, 2009

The Picture of Scared Cartoon Face Expression

scared cartoon face expressionThe shape of eyes and mouth make this cartoon face looks scared.

Funny Financial Cartoons: It’s a Bear Market Rally

This cartoon came to me as I was looking up info on bear markets and more specifically bear market rallies. I was somewhat familiar with the term but decided to do a little research on the subject because it is a term that has been thrown around a few times lately as well as the thought that there might be the possibility of a double dip recession. I have always been interested in the stock market and even tried day trading for a time. I draw funny pictures now so you can take a guess on how my day trading hopes went. I will say that I learned quite a bit about it but it was more costly than I would have preferred, probably would have been better off taking some art classes or something. Anyway, a bear market rally is basically when the market goes up significantly after a large loss and then drops again below the previous low. Then it moves back up again giving everyone hope only to fall again lower than before. That cycle continues over time and when looked at over time it is basically a downward trend with a bunch of blips up. At least that is the way I understand it from my reading. That is basically how this cartoon came to life. Enjoy and have a great day.



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