Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 Stupid Dogs Photos

Checkout this collection of photos from the cartoon television show 2 Stupid Dogs, which originally ran from September 11, 1993 to January 21, 1995 on TBS Superstation.

Enjoy these pictures of Big Dog" and "Little Dog from 2 Stupid Dogs.

Bugs Bunny Cartoon Character with Its Happy Face


He can run very fast, still smiling and laughing.

Alessia Pinup Photo

pin up girl photo
(c)Andy Silvers
model: Alessia Andrade

Funny Christmas Cartoons: Bar Hopping

I was sitting there watching a football game the other night when I got the idea for this cartoon. I was enjoying a couple of beers and some holiday commercial came on. I started thinking “I wonder if Santa and the elves partake in a beer from time to time. You know, after hard day of making toys for low wages……wait possibly no wages….just room and board and some food from time to time. Wow….it’s no wonder that Hermie, that elf from the movie, “Rudolf the red nose reindeer”, wanted to be a dentist. Video Clip. Anyway, I would think they would pick up a beer from time to time. Then I thought I wonder what would happen if the bunch of them went out on the town like a bunch of frat boys looking for a party and went bar hopping after one of those tough days making toys. One of the results of that thought process was this cartoon. Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

Barbie Coca-Cola Collector Doll

Barbie Coca-Cola Collector DollBarbie Coca-Cola Collector Doll

Barbie Coca-Cola Collector MarionettBarbie Coca-Cola Collector Marionett

Barbie Coca-Cola Collector ToysBarbie Coca-Cola Collector Toys

Ryan Astamendi

Ryan Astamendi - Photographer, currently work as an artist and photographer for Disney
girl pin up photo
Ryan Astamendi Ryan Astamendi photo
Ryan Astamendi pin up pinup photo
pin up photo girl pin up girl photo
pin up photo pin up photo
pin up girl skate

More info and pics:

Jessica Rabbit

pin up photo
photographer: Ryan Astamendi
model: Courtney Elyse Black

Alex Ahad

Alex Ahad - Illustrator, Anime Characters Girls
anime pin up
Alex Ahad art Alex Ahad
anime cartoon anime
anime girl

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