Saturday, November 14, 2009

A cartoon picture of black cat in the darkness


That is a picture of cat cartoon. It is a black big cat in the darkness.

Funny Health Insurance Cartoons: Time Served

I got the idea for this cartoon after hearing that there is allegedly some provision in the current House version of the health care bill that passed by a narrow margin were if you make something more than forty-four thousand a year and decide you do not want health insurance you can be fined for that decision. The same provision also allegedly has language to the effect that beyond a fine you can be charged with a felony that may include jail time. Could you imagine having to go to jail for “not” purchasing something? Like I said before, I’m not sure this is all true or completely accurate in the way it was presented but if is true, it certainly starts to define this governments definition of “freedom of choice” at least in my mind. Anyway, me being the sarcastic soul that I am, I was thinking about a group in a jail cell and what might be the topic of conversation that might take place. This cartoon was a snapshot of that conversation. Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

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