Sunday, November 8, 2009

A picture of Tom and Jerry in dancing with their happy faces

Tom and Jerry was dancing in a cheerful mood. In this picture they seemed friendly and there is no problem between them.

Dora the Explorer Backpack

Backpacks, very useful for children when out of the house. They can bring with them a story book, where the drinking water, food, dolls from your favorite movie characters and the important things such as spare clothing. 

Your child will love it. You can put some books about it and other educational items such as pencils, paper, books, crayons and coloring books, especially if you choose to buy Dora the Explorer backpack. In addition, because most kids love Dora, it would not be difficult for you to get the children something to enjoy and love. 

Dora the Explorer backpack is available in all different sizes. Dora backpack which all come with an image and some wonderful characters from the show. However, if your daughter wants to have a backpack, which only has the image of Dora, it would not be a problem because there are so many features that are available Dora backpack alone. 

Dora backpack before buy Shuhite make sure you ask your daughter to the design choices for everyone Your daughter. Better yet, bring him along when you go to shopping Dora backpack. Not only that, Dora backpack is made available to the public in order to please the children. And also to help parents that are difficult to please their children themselves. 

Dora backpack is fun for a purpose. And this cause benefit both children and parents. During that Dora and give your daughter's desire for education, all for good. 

One of the major goals why you should buy a Dora backpack for your child is that, he deserves to have it.

Some more live work - Election 2009 in Slovakia

New elections
are approaching
in Slovakia
and therefore
we are
election campaign.
Yesterday I drew
caricatures live act
on the first

Funny Thanksgiving Cartoons: Turkey Taunt

I had this idea the other day while watching some goofy cartoon. I was also thinking about the upcoming holiday feast. Turkey, cranberries and the like got me to thinking about the possibility of this cartoon. The actual question was “What if Turkeys were in charge?’ what would that look like. Right about now I think there are some of you out there are probably saying to yourself “This guy has some issues.” To which I would respectfully reply “Yep, I probably do.” Anyway, I thought that Turkeys would probably just have fun with people like in the cartoon since they aren’t meat eaters so that’s how the cartoon took shape. Hope everyone has a great holiday and doesn’t eat too much. If I think of any more silly stuff to draw for the holidays I will be throwing it up for everyone to enjoy. Until that time enjoy and have a great day.

Thanksgiving Day Cards

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