Friday, November 6, 2009

Funny Obama Cartoons: Pick up a Mop

I got the idea for this cartoon from a speech that president Obama was giving in San Francisco I believe. I’m not sure of the place but Nancy Pelosi was mentioned so I just make that assumption. Anyway, in the speech he talks about being handed a mess and working on cleaning it up and says for the people who are criticizing the way in which he is doing it to “Pick up a Mop and help out”. Somewhere else in some other news report either before or close after that clip on the speech about the Mop there was a news report of talk about a second stimulus plan for the economy in congress. I thought it was interesting that any talk of more stimulus would be happening now only because the first stimulus, or I guess it would really be the second stimulus if you consider the TARP to be stimulus, has not been fully spent yet. I wonder what the plan is for the rest of the first stimulus. Anyway, those two things kind of collided together in my head and this cartoon was a result of that collision. Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

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