Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blue Cluses

Mini clip art of baby character

We shows a simple picture of baby clip art.

Obama Cartoons: Waffling Explained

I came up with this cartoon after the subject of waffling came up in conversation after one of my previous cartoons. It came up that it was not Obama who waffles on some of these things it is the Teleprompters and so you have it, another cartoon is born. I also did some research on the term “waffling”. Why you ask……well it just seems like a strange word to attach to someone changing their mind back and forth….that’s all. What I mean is how does a tasty breakfast dish get sucked into what has become such a sometimes derogatory name plate? Anyway, I could find all kinds of reference on who was waffling on this or that but nothing really on how it first came to be used as an “I changed my mind” term. If anyone could enlighten me on that…..it would be cool. Enjoy and have a great day.

Graphic Novel reaches Page 50!

Page 45
Originally uploaded by betsystreeter
Alrighty, here are the next 6 pages - remember, you can go to the set "Graphic Novel by Betsy Streeter" to view the whole story from the beginning.

Here Liesel is returning to the present to consider what she's learned about the Tromindox and the escaped queen, her head filled with questions about her own identity.

Funny Cartoon Panda: Rock-in the Bamboo

This is just a goofy idea I had the other day and wanted to see how it would turn out. Enjoy and have a great day.

Book Bag Coffee Mug

My Dream Art School

If I could build an art school for kids, or for people of all ages really,

I'd have a big room with big tables,
and a wall with tons of shelves filled with art supplies floor to ceiling. With one of those rolling ladders to get to it all.

On the other side of the room would be
racks of all kinds of paper, an area to lay art flat while it dries, and cubbies to hold works in progress.

It would be filled with light from skylights above,
and have light wood floors and glass windows and doors in the front.

The entry area would be covered in display space where we could put up whatever we had made, or things that we liked. We would also hold exhibitions there.

We would have two rules:
1. Be respectful of the space and supplies,
2. Be respectful of the people and their work.

People would come in, and spread out a project on one of the tables. 

Or join in some activity that was already happening.

There would be drawing, cartooning, painting, sewing, and puppets.

There would be performances and video shoots.

There would be claymation.

When people finished for the day, supplies and projects would be neatly put away.

There would always be interesting conversation and projects and classes going on,
and we would give tours and hold talks. We would have interesting, funny and cool people visit and talk to us.

We would also have a library of art books, design books, literature, and any other books that would fire our imaginations. We would also show movies from time to time.

It would be a place where you could pick up a material or a project, or read, or just mess with some medium you haven't tried yet. It would also be a place where you could see lots of artists making things right next to you, and share their energy.

I can see this room very clearly in my mind.

This is how I would make an art school.

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